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Biography: Francesca Akhtar

Francesca Akhtar

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I am 29 years old, a nursery nurse and web design student, I have dual British/Italian nationality and live in the UK in Croydon (South London) and want to join the forum mainly because of my interest the JFK assassination and related politics of the time, and to discuss and exchange ideas with others. I’ve enjoyed reading the many posts on the JFK forum so far and have learnt many things. I have been interested in the assassination for 13 years since studying the film JFK as part of a media studies course at school and have been reading and researching since then. I have been a member of the British research group Dealey Plaza UK since July 2003 and went to Dallas for he first time in November 2003 for the 40th anniversary. My main area of interest in the JFK assassination is the work of Jim Garrison and Fletcher Prouty, however I also enjoy reading other authors and researcher's views.

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