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  1. Thought this might be of interest: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/7791146.stm
  2. I have been asked to post this regarding Mr Rowe on behalf of Ian Griggs who had trouble logging in to his account so could not do it himself: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have been referred to a recent series of posts here on the subject of former DPD Patrolman Robert A. Rowe. Perhaps I can clarify some of the points made about this gentleman. The following notes are taken from the relevant passage in my work in progress on the DPD (November 1963) This book has the provisional working title "Dallas Blue" and is expected to be published in November 2009. ROWE, Robert A. (Ptmn, NE Substation, 1st Platoon, Patrol Division) As a member of the 1st Platoon, Ptmn. Rowe would have been on night shift duty during the assassination weekend. During a conversation with him in Dallas in Novembver 2005, however, he claimed to have been working some sort of undercover assignment on 22nd November. He told me that at this time he was working out of uniform and had long hair tied in a ponytail. He also described having taken part in the arrest of Lee Harvey Oswald in the theatre. Despite discussing these claims with several DPD officers present during the Oswald arrest, I have been unable to corroborate his story. I have failed to identify any officer who saw him in the Texas Theater. It was mentioned to me by a former DPD officer who knew Mr. Rowe that due to a longstanding medical condition (possibly a mental health problem), he (Rowe) seldom left the office and had responsibility only for the safe custody and necessary issue of keys in a key press. During my meeting with Mr. Rowe it was noticeable that he was wearing on his jacket a DPD Patrolman badge across which was taped a piece of paper bearing the word RETIRED. It is my opinion that this man was nowhere near the Oswald arrest site on 22nd November 1963 and I feel that his claim should be treated with extreme caution. IAN GRIGGS
  3. ......For those of you who might have missed this on BBC 2 the other night. Although this isn't directly related to JFK, I thought this was interesting because there are many parallels to the case in my mind. It is really a summary of the case after the recent verdict but some information in there I did not know before and is quite interesting. Unfortunately you can only access it if you live in the UK but hopefully someone may put it on youtube soon. The programme is available to watch on the BBC iPlayer for the next 4 days: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/page/item/b00...on_pid=b00b1dhg
  4. Anyone know if he is related to a Charles E. Bethel Jr?
  5. I found this short video on the lawsuit that may be of interest: http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseacti...ideoID=29761091
  6. James, thanks for that. You don't know anything about 'Frank Diaz Silveira' do you?
  7. Greg, thanks for that. I think I got muddled up with her name. Why is it that all Cubans seem to have at least three if not more names?! Makes it very confusing at times! So Anita Diaz Silveira was her real name? Mirta Dortico was an alias? I came across some stuff on MF, which also mentions a 'Frank Diaz Silveira'. Do you know if this was a relation? A brother or something?
  8. Thanks Tosh, I had suspected that might be the case. Another document - implying that Damon 'may have worked for the CIA' and more background info on him: http://www.maryferrell.org/mffweb/archive/...amp;relPageId=1 More about his activities re: Cuba and his intention to 'renounce his U.S. citizenship' : http://www.maryferrell.org/mffweb/archive/...amp;relPageId=1 Also I found this rather interesting one concerning a 'Gerry Damon' and Jack Ruby. Would this have been the same person does anyone know? http://www.maryferrell.org/mffweb/archive/...p;relPageId=200
  9. Seems he was of interest to the White House: http://www.maryferrell.org/mffweb/archive/...amp;relPageId=2 The rest of the document contains some interesting information, incvluding that he apparently went to Washington and met with Richard N. Goodwin, JFK's assistant re: Latin American affairs.
  10. I thought it might be worthwhile to start a thread on him. I have found some interesting documents online that may be of interest to others. Tosh, you mentioned the McAllister Hotel in Miami in the other thread as being a 'contact' place for operatives etc , well the following document mentions Damon staying at the 'Gold Dust Motel' at 7700 Biscayne Boulevard Miami - the same street where the McAllister Hotel was, wasn't it? Do you know Tosh if this was near the McAllister and of any relevance? http://www.maryferrell.org/mffweb/archive/...bsPageId=950169 The whole of the document relates to him and may be of interest. States also that Damon was known as 'Colonel Damon'.
  11. Francisca: This not meant to offend you. I consider you a very good researcher. You can take the following for whats its worth. : I told this source what I thought about this post when he was alive. I told forum members also: THE Following is PURE BS. from an old thread of GPH: ------------------- "... Jim Lesar, Esq. is the highest rated FOIA expert in this community, and he might well agree that the good judge should have petitioned for a "Vaughan Index" while the matter was still in the "Administrative Law" arena. As for Capehart, we knew him as "George Damon" during 1962. The NARA FBI files [both "302s" & "LHMs"] describe him as a transient gun dealer. He first showed up amidst our Missile Crisis operations during the Summer of 1962, which automatically made him suspect. He arrived at the doorstep of our "Federicos" safehouse on NW 6th Ave., driving a gaudy white Cadillac convertible; with the top down of course. [Tom Dunkin mentions having to sleep in a car outside Federico's one night] Damon got to the point quickly, in his, what I then thought then, was a Texas, not "Okie" twang. He had guns for us, but we would have to run a "special" mission with these weapons before we could use them elsewhere. When warned that the local cops & ATTU were "coming-down-heavy" on gun-runners, he pulled out a brand new business card with the name of a Justice Department official embossed thereon, along with the usual color DOJ seal. He stated more than once that anytime he was stopped by Feds, he simply displayed one of these cards, and told the agents to make the call from a secure telephone -- which quickly caused them to ride off into the sunset !! When I stated that this wouldn't work with local cops, he said that he didn't exhibit the card, but simply stonewalled them, or bailed himself out of the "vagrancy" charge; but if a ranking cop entered the picture, he would direct him to call the Miami FBI/FO for further info. This routinely caused his immediate release and the return of his impounded convertible "Canoe". Manolo Reboso stated [at the Banak Lumber Company "cover" office] that he had seen Damon at Hickory Hill more than once, and that folks there considered him to be a quite reckless "wild-card" -- but in Spanish he used "rienda suelta" [loose reined]; and that we should be careful in dealing with this "Yonny". Years later, when infrequently watching "Starsky & Hutch", the actor David Soul would remind me of this clown. We never heard anything on him after 1962, and it was the FOIA releases which reminded us of this one of the many strange dudes-about-town of the era. Cheers, GPH ...". Tosh, no offence taken. Not knowing much about this subject I like to check things out on my own and see what can be found in available documents etc, not to say that I don't believe you or anyone else's word on the matter. If you understand me.
  12. I am trying to gather as much information on this person as possible and was wondering if anyone could help? I had some information on her a while back but lost it in a computer crash and now I'm finding it hard to find again. Maybe I'm dreaming but I am sure that when I did an internet search a while ago, perhaps a year or so ago, a few hits came up, also some linking to this forum as well but now I nothing on her comes up at all. I can't seem to find anything using the forum search engine either. I'd be grateful for any help, including photos, that anyone may have. Thanks in advance
  13. Tosh, thanks for all the info. I'm still going through it all. I had not read the Fabian Escalante book but it's on my 'to read' list when I get the time. I think he has brought out two or three books, the latest one on JFK. Thanks also for reposting those previous posts, I don't remember reading them the first time round. I wasn't aware of the 'poinsettia' info you mention. If you say that this word would have bene used on the Dallas radio station KLIF - do you mean to say that this meant an 'operative' of some sort would have been working there? I just mean how would that have worked? If you can say. McMahon - -yes that rings a bell. Do you mean Homer McMahon? The guy who worked in the photo lab? From the top of my head I think he said he made prints from a film of the assassination but I can't remeber the exact details. Perhaps someone else can? As for John Mccord, I take it you mean the Watergate one?
  14. I did a search on the MF site and I got hits under both the name 'Capehart' and 'Damon' but from what I've seen so far both sets of documents seem to be entirely separate from the other, as if two separate people. Anyway, some interesting ones on Capehart - one CIA memo dated only 2 days before the assassination with some brief biographical data: http://www.maryferrell.org/mffweb/archive/...amp;relPageId=2 Then what I found interesting is that only four days after the assassination the CIA wanted to carry out a name check of him at various government agencies. I wonder why the sudden interest? http://www.maryferrell.org/mffweb/archive/...bsPageId=381310
  15. Tosh, seems it was 'FUBELT' not FULBERT: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_FUBELT Also found this link to some released documents here: http://www.gwu.edu/~nsarchiv/news/19980911.htm
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