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Obscure Conspiracy Books

Shanet Clark

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Here's a list of obscure books, obviously of mixed legitimacy and value:

Murray N. Rothbard,

Economic Determinism and the Conspiracy Theory of History Revisited,


& America's Great Depression, (Nash, 1972).

Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope (Macmillan, 1966)

Carroll Quigley, The Evolution of Civilizations.

Gabriel Kolko, The Triumph of Conservatism, (Quadrangle)

Anton Szandor LaVey, The Satanic Bible, (Avon Books, 1969).

Arkon Daraul, Secret Societies, (Citadel Press, 1962).

Count Egon Caesar Corti, The Rise of the House of Rothschild,

The Reign of the House of Rothschild, (Cosmopolitan Book Corp., 1928).

Max Stirner, The Ego and His Own, (Libertarian Book Club, 1963).

Robert Ardrey, The Social Contract, (Dell Publishing, 1970).

Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil: Prelude to a Philosophy of the Future, (Random House, 1966.)

George Orwell, Animal Farm, (New American Library)

Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince, (Encyclopedia Britannica, 1955).

Ludwig von Mises, Theory and History, (Arlington House, 1969).

Human Action, Henry Regnery, 1966.

James J. Martin, Revisionist Viewpoints, (Ralph Myles Publisher, 1971).

Committee on Government Operations-U.S. Senate, Disclosure of Corporate Ownership, (U.S. Government Printing Office, 1974).

Antony C. Sutton, Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, Wall Street and FDR, (Arlington House, 1975.)

Gabriel Kolko, The Triumph of Conservatism, (Quadrangle Books, 1967).

Richard Ney, The Will Street Gang, (Praeger Publishers, 1974).

Ferdinand Lundberg, The Rich and the Super-Rich, (Lyle Stuart, 1968).

America's 60 Families, (Vanguard, 1938).

William G. Domhoff, Who Rules America? (Prentice Hall, 1967.)

The Higher Circles. (Random House, 1970).

Matthew Josephson, Money Lords, (New American Library, 1973).

The Robber Barons. (Harcourt Brace & Co., 1934).

George H. Shibley, The Money Question, (Stable Money Publishing Co., 1896).

Jules Archer, The Plot to Seize the White House, (Hawthorn Books, 1973).

William Hoffman. David: Report on a Rockefeller, (Dell Publishing, 1972).

Joel Andreas,

The Incredible Rocky, North American Congress on Latin America, 1973.

Gustavus Myers, The History of the Great American Fortunes 1907

Antony C. Sutton, National Suicide, (Arlington House, 1973).

Charles A. Lindbergh, Sr., The Economic Pinch, Dorrance & Company, Inc., 1923, Reprinted by Omni Publications.

Louis T. McFadden, Collective Speeches of Congressman

McFadden, (Omni Publications, 1970.)

H.S. Kenan, The Federal Reserve Bank,( The Noontide Press, 1968).

Gary Allen, None Dare Call It Conspiracy , (Concord Press, 1973.)

Richard Nixon - The Man Behind the Mask, (Western Islands, 1971).

The Rockefeller File, ('76 Press, 1976).

Dan Smoot, The Invisible Government, (The Dan Smoot Report, Inc., 1962).

W. Cleon Skousen, The Naked Capitalist, 1970.

Taylor Caldwell, Captains and Kings, (Fawcett Publications, 1973).

John Robison, Proofs of Conspiracy, 1798, Reprinted by Western Islands.

Nesta Webster, Secret Societies and Subversive Movements,

(Christian Book Club, 1967.)

A. N. Field, The Truth About the Slump, 1931,

Reprinted by Omni Publications, 1962.

William Robert Plumme, The Untold History,

(The Committee for the Restoration of the Republic, 1964).

June Grem, Karl Marx: Capitalist, (Enterprise Publications, 1972).

Emanuel Josephson, Rockefeller Internationalist: Man Who Misrules the World, (Chedney Press, 1962. )

DOMHOFF and QUIGLEY are probably the only two I would put into any bibiography, although the others have value as cultural markers and may contain some legitimate content.....the Jules Archer book "the plot to seize the White House" may have some relevance for us .... feel free to add to the list, or post opinions on the books, Lyndon LaRouche, the New World Order, John Birch Society theory, Skull and Bones, Trilateral and CFR theory, etc ......


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I am unfamiliar with it.

I will say that in general, conspiracy theories tend to point away from real issues in order to scapegoat bugaboos. Totalitarian states promote conspiracy theories all the time. Nazism is rooted in conspiracy theory. The John Birch and hysterical New World Order conspiracy theories tend to revolve around issues of race and class hatred. The complexity of events in the modern world must be addressed in all its complexity and not be reduced to simplistic scare campaigns. While I too am concerned with the actions of the classified agencies, the Military Industrial Complex, the Skull and Bones and the interlocking corporate directorships, I believe the way to approach these is through thorough and moderate analysis, not by invoking a demonized "other" , i.e., Wall street bankers, Rockefellers or Texas oilmen....but that is not to say ssome of these characters, as well as every other group, never conspire for power!

I am very concerned about the concentration of power in the executive branch,

which ironically, is what killed JFK, because it doesnt really devolve (presidential power) upon an individual, it devolves on a group of individuals with executive capacities across the military industrial complex.

These powers can be used to kill individuals, and ancient Rome is probably a better historical approach than any nonsense about patriotic George Washington crap. Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld are Ford men all the way, and carry these

PROGRAMS out to this day....

What is the theme of Epperson's work?

Edited by Shanet Clark
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What is the theme of Epperson's work?


I have Epperson's "The New World Order". I guess this title sums up the theme of his work. Not very well written, but covers a wide variety of topics: Masons, New Age movement, Illuminati, Lord Maitreya -(what happened to his "appearance"??),

Satanism. Nothing about JFK tho.


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Here is a long list of books available from Last Hurrah.

It is a fairly definitive list of conspiracy materials in print, looks like.

Conspiracy & Controversial Deaths

Includes unexplained deaths, political murders, organized crime, espionage, foreign plots, CIA, FBI, KGB, NSA, and other intelligence agencies.

(5730) Messick, Hank: THE SILENT SYNDICATE. McMillan, 1967. 303 pgs. VG+/VG+ DJ. Story of the Cleveland syndicate. ... $17.50

(5558) THE PENTAGON PAPERS; THE SENATOR GRAVEL EDITION: THE DEFENSE DEPARTMENT HISTORY OF UNITED STATES DECISIONMAKING ON VIETNAM. Beacon Press, Boston, MA. Volumes 1-4 Hardcover, 1971. Volume 1, 632 pgs. Vol 2, 832 pgs. Vol 3 746 pgs. Vol 4, 687 pgs. Vol 5, LSC, published in 1972: CRITICAL ESSAYS edited by Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn, and an Index to Volumes 1-4. 413 pages. ... $150.00

(5723) Brownfeld, Allan C.: DOSSIER ON DOUGLAS: IMPEACH OR ACQUIT; THE CASE AGAINST JUSTICE WILLIAM O. DOUGLAS. New Majority Book Club, Washington, DC, 1970. 110 pgs., VG+. LSC. ... $15.00

(5722) Murphy, Edward R. with Curt Gentry: SECOND IN COMMAND. 1971, 1st ed., Holt Rinehart Winston. 452 pgs. Account of the capture of the Pueblo by the executive officer. ... $12.50

(5721) Armbrister, Trevor: A MATTER OF ACCOUNTABILITY: THE TRUE STORY OF THE PUEBLO AFFAIR. Coward McCann, 1970. 408 pgs. NF/NF DJ. Probes the circumstances that made the Pueblo Affair inevitable. ... $15.00

(5719) Conley, John: UNHOLY WARS. 268 pgs. LSC. Pluto Press, United Kingdom, 2002, completely revised edition. Forward by Edward E. Said. Examines September 11 and the history of U.S. involvement with Afghanistan and radical Islam. ... $20.00

(5718) Thompson, Paul and the Center for Cooperative Research. Forward by Peter Lance: THE TERROR TIMELINE: A COMPREHENSIVE CHRONICLE OF THE ROAD TO 9/11 AND AMERICA'S RESPONSE. LSC, Regan Books, NEw York, NY. 2004. 590 pgs. Includes chapters on Pakistani ISI, Saudi Arabia and the Bin Ladens, Israel, Iraq. ... $20.00

(5717) Taylor, Mark: THE ELITE AKA PIRATE MAGICIANS. Olathe, KS. 49 pgs. LSC. Signed by author. 2004. Draws connections between JFK assassination, Pearl Harbor, and 9/11 and the role of military intelligence in all three. ... $10.00

(5716) Springmeier, Fritz: BLOODLINES OF THE ILLUMINATI. Ambassador House, Westminster, CO. 1999. 597 pgs. LSC. VG+. Signed by author. Includes the Astors, Bundys, DuPonts, Kennedys, Onassis, Rockefellers, and the Krupps. ... $27.50

(5715) Leroy, Dave: GERALD FORD: UNTOLD STORY. R.W. Beatty, Arlington, VA. 1974. LSC. 128 pgs. Revised edition. VG. Chapters on the Warren Commission and attempt to impeach Justice Douglas. ... $12.50

(5714) Kellett, Michael: THE MURDER OF VINCE FOSTER. CLS, Columbia, MD. Twenty-four items of evidence suggesting murder, death didn't occur in the park, the body was transported, that effort was made to make it look like suicide, the Clintons were openly accused.

a. 117 pgs. NF. ... $15.00

b. updated edition. 1996. 287 pgs. ... $20.00

(5713) Chamish, Barry: WHO MURDERED YITZHAK RABIN? Feral House, Venice, CA. LSC, 1998, 149 pgs. NF. A lone assassin is set up as patsy, "amateur" film of the assassination as well as eyewitness testimony documents that Rabin appeared unhurt from shots fired at the peace rally. ... $13.00

(5712) Chamish, Barry: ISRAEL BETRAYED. The Zionist Book Club, Jerusalem. LSC, 1999, 126 pgs. NF. Chapters on the murder of Yitzhak Rabin and the takeover of Israel by the CFR. ... $15.00

(431) Josephson, Emanuel M.: THE STRANGE DEATH OF FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT. Chedney Press, 1948, 333 pgs. VG+/VG DJ. 1st ed. Was FDR murdered? ... $30.00

(5711) McFarlane, Robert C., with Zofia Smardz: SPECIAL TRUST. 1994. Cadell & Davies, New York, NY. 399 pgs. Memoir of Reagan's National Security Advisor, substantial material devoted to Iran-Contra.

a. inscribed by author. NF/NF. ... $25.00

b. later printing, NF/NF ... $17.50

c. ex-lib, otherwise VG/VG ... $7.50

(5633) Roosevelt, Kermit: COUNTERCOUP: THE STRUGGLE FOR THE CONTROL OF IRAN. McGraw Hill, 1979. 1st ed., VG+/VG+ DJ. Author masterminded the overthrow of Mossadegh and restored the Shah. ... $50.00 SALE PRICE $35.00

(4430) Turner, William: HOW TO AVOID ELECTRONIC EAVESDROPPING AND PRIVACY INVASION. Paladin, CO 1972, 1st ed. LSC original, Fine cond., 192 pgs., Former FBI agent explains how it's done. Signed by the author. ... $22.50

(5643) Harris, Larry Wayne: BACTERIOLOGICAL WARFARE: A MAJOR THREAT TO NORTH AMERICA. 1995, LSC, NF, 117 pages, 1st ed. ... $22.50 SALE PRICE $15.00

(5709) Icke, David: THE BIGGEST SECRET. Bridge of Love, Scottsdale, AZ. 1999. 517 pgs. LSC. VG+. Interconnecting blood lines have controlled the world for thousands of years, gives background to British royals, and reveals how and why Princess Diana was murdered. ... $17.50

(5708) Immerman, Richard H.: THE CIA IN GUATEMALA: THE FOREIGN POLICY OF INTERVENTION. U. of Texas Press, Austin, TX. LSC. 1984. 291 pgs. VG. ... $15.00

(5707) LeFever, Ernest W. and Roy Goodson: THE CIA AND THE AMERICAN ETHIC. Ethics and Public Policy Center, Georgetown, Washington, DC. 1979. 161 pgs., NF/VG+ DJ. ... $11.00

(5706) Fest, Joachim: PLOTTING HITLER'S DEATH: THE STORY OF THE GERMAN RESISTANCE. Metropolitan, 1996, 1st ed., 419 pgs. NF/NF. ... $20.00

(5705) Escalante, Fabian: THE CUBA PROJECT: CIA COVERT OPERATIONS 1959-1962. Second edition of The Secret War. New preface by Javier Salado. 195 pgs. LSC. Ocean Press, Melbourne, Australia. ... $17.00

(5704) Leasor, James: THE UNINVITED ENVOY. McGraw-Hill. 1962. 249 pgs. VG+/VG+ DJ. The mysterious flight of Rudolph Hess. $11.00

(5703) Hewins, Ralph: COUNT FOLKE BERNADOTTE: HIS LIFE AND WORK. T.S. Denison, Minneapolis, 1950. 279 pgs. NF/VG+ DJ. Chapter on his assassination by members of the Stern gang. ... $15.00

(4464) Emerson, Stephen: SECRET WARRIORS. Putnam, NY. 1988. 256 pgs. ex-library, otherwise VG+ in torn DJ. Covert operations of Reagan era. ... $8.00

(5701) Waits, Chris and Dave Shors: UNABOMBER: THE SECRET LIFE OF TED KACZYNSKI. Helena Independent Record, Montana. 1999. LSC. 285 pgs. The Montana years. ... $12.50

(5700) Ruppert, Michael C.: CROSSING THE RUBICON: THE DECLINE OF THE AMERICAN EMPIRE AT THE END OF THE AGE OF OIL. Foreward by Catherine Austin Fitts. New Society Publishers, Gabriola Island, British Columbia, Canada. 674 pgs. LSC. Includes motives for 9/11 attacks--pretext for war that would enable drive for oil and gas, restore traffic in Afghan heroin, and provide basis for legal domestic repression. ... $23.00

(5644) Davis, Jayna: THE THIRD TERRORIST: THE MIDDLE EAST CONNECTION TO THE OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING. Foreward by David P. Schippers. 355 pgs., NF/NF. 2004. W.N.D. Books, Nashville, TN. ... $25.00 SALE PRICE $15.00

(5696) Turner, William: MISSION NOT ACCOMPLISHED: HOW GEORGE BUSH LOST THE WAR ON TERRORISM. 2004. LSC, 224 pgs., PenMarin, CA. ... $15.00

(5694) Joesten, Joachim: RATS IN THE LARDER. Putnam, 1939, 270 pgs. VG+/VG+. Nazi penetration of Denmark. ... $20.00

(810) Clark, Ronald W.: THE MAN WHO BROKE PURPLE. NF/NF. Little Brown. Boston. 1977. 217 pgs. Biography of Colonel Friedman who deciphered the Japanese code in WW2. ... $15.00

(5691) Smith, Matthew: MARILYN'S LAST WORDS: HER SECRET TAPES AND MYSTERIOUS DEATH. Carroll & Graf. 327 pgs. Fine/Fine. 2004. Monroe's tapes to Dr. Greenson are analyzed as well as the known evidence in her case. ... $25.00

(5686) Clubb, Oliver: KAL FLIGHT 007: THE HIDDEN STORY. 1985, Permanent Press, Sag Harbor, NY, 174 pgs. NF/NF. Plane was on mission for NSA. ... $11.00


(5682) Shafer, D. Michael: DEADLY PARADIGMS: THE FAILURE OF U.S. COUNTERINSURGENCY POLICY. 331 pgs., NF/NF, Princeton U. Press, 1999. Examines U.S. in Greek Civil War, Huk Rebellion in the Philippines, and Vietnam. ... $17.50

(5681) Morera, Jose Luis and Rafael Calcines: THE CIA'S WAR AGAINST CUBA. National Information Service, Havana, 1988, 103 pgs., NF, LSC. Attempts to destabilize Cuba in the 80s. ... $25.00

(5680) Schmidt, George N.: THE AMERICAN FEDERATION OF TEACHERS AND THE CIA. 1978, LSC, 81 pgs., NF, Substitutes United for Better Schools, Chicago IL. AFT was tool of CIA. ... $20.00

(5679) Breckinridge, Scot D.: THE CIA AND THE U.S. INTELLIGENCE SYSTEM. Westview, Boulder, CO, 1986. 364 pgs. NF/NF. CIT veteran explains connnection between NSC and agency, he also probes dilemma of overt vs. covert action. ... $17.50

b. second copy. Some highlighting, otherwise VG, no DJ. ... $7.50

(5678) Crawford, Don: PUEBLO INTRIGUE. Tyndale House, Wheaton IL. 1969. 113 pgs. VG+. Story of Francis Ginther, one of the crewmen. $11.00

(5676) O'Shea, James: THE DAISY CHAIN. 1991. Pocket, New York, NF/VG+ DJ. How borrowed billions sank a Texas S&L. ... $10.00

(5674) McMaster, H.R.: DERELICTION OF DUTY. LSC, Harper, 1997, New York, 446 pgs., NF. Lyndon Johnson, Robert McNamara, the Joint Chiefs, and the lies that led to VietNam. ... $15.00

(5673) Volkman, Ernest: GANGBUSTERS. 1998, Faber & Faber, New York, 318 pgs. NF/NF. FBI agent's finally destroy the Luccheses. ... $10.00

(5672) Rudolph, Robert: THE BOYS FROM NEW JERSEY. Morrow, 431` pgs., NF/NF. 1992. How the Lucchesi crime family escaped justice. ... $10.00

(5669) Seagrave, Sterling and Peggy: GOLD WARRIORS. Verso, New York, 2003, 332 pgs., Fine/Fine DJ, 1st ed. Hidden Japanese gold in the Philippines became fund to bribe political and military leaders, finance covert operations, and manipulate elections. ... $15.00

(5668) Marrs, Jim: INSIDE JOB: UNMASKING THE 9/11 CONSPIRACIES. Origin Press, San Rafael CA, 2004, 1st ed., LSC, 216 pgs. Vital physical evidence was removed or never released, insiders engaged in massive short selling of airline stocks, officials claimed warnings never came, despite evidence to the contrary. ... $16.00

(5667) Griffin, David Ray: THE NEW PEARL HARBOR. Olive Branch Press, Northampton MA, 2004, 254 pgs., LSC. UPdated edition with new afterward. Examines the events of 9/11 and whether U.S. officials had advance information, obstructed investigations prior to 9/11, and had reasons for allowing it to happen. ... $15.00

(5666) Piper, Michael Collins: THE HIGH PRIEST OF WAR. American Free Press, Washington, DC, 2004. LSC, 128 pgs. 1st ed. Fine. he secret history of how America's "neo-conservatives" came to power and orchestrated the war in Iraq. ... $20.00

(2246) Jeffreys-Jones, Rhodri: AMERICAN ESPIONAGE FROM SECRET SERVICE TO CIA. VG/VG DJ. Free Press. NY. 1977. 276 pgs. Military intelligence, state dept., treasury dept., OSS and CIA. ... $17.50

(5657) [CD-ROM] ASSASSINATION TRANSCRIPTS OF THE CHURCH COMMITTEE. 2004. Compiled by AARC and History Matters. 125 declassified transcripts of interviews conducted by Church Committee and Rockefeller Commission includes Harvey, Helms, Roselli, Angleton, Colby, Maheu, Lansdale, Hunt, Sturgis, Bissell, and Phillips. Texts of alleged assassination plots and performance of intelligence agencies. ... $40.00

(4849) Butler, Smedley D. Major General: WAR IS A RACKET. Intro by Adam Parfrey. Feral Press, Los Angeles, CA 2003, LSC, 66 pgs. Fine cond. Reprint of anti-war classic by highly-decorated soldier. Parfrey's intro deals with the plot against FDR that Butler exposed. ... $10.00

(5655) Hopsicker, Daniel: WELCOME TO TERRORLAND: MOHAMMED ATTA AND THE 9/11 COVER-UP IN FLORIDA. Mad Cow Press, Eugene OR, 2004, 400 pgs. Fine in Fine DJ. Investigates FBI cover-up in Venice, FL. Argues CIA was running the training of Arab student pilots. ... $30.00

(5654) Bly, Herman O.: COMMUNISM--THE COLD WAR AND THE FBI CONNECTION. Huntington House, Lafayette LA, 236 pgs., 1998, NF. Special agent for FBI gives their version; chapter on cointelpro. ... $13.00

(5652) Glick, Brian: WAR AT HOME: COVERT ACTIONS AGAINST U.S. ACTIVISTS AND WHAT WE CAN DO ABOUT IT. Cartoons by Abbe Smith. South End Press, Boston, 1989, 90 pgs. NF. ... $8.00

(863) Henze, Paul: THE PLOT TO KILL THE POPE. NF/NF. Scribners. NY, 1983. 1st ed., 216 pgs. Attempt on John Paul II, examines role of Bulgarians. ... $11.00

(5649) Zagri, Sidney: FREE PRESS, FAIR TRIAL. Hallberg, Chicago, IL, 1966, 115 pgs., NF/NF. Legislative Council of Teamsters testified before Senate Judiciary Committee on the Hoffa trial. ... $22.50

(5648) Keith, Jim and Kenn Thomas: THE OCTOPUS: SECRET GOVERNMENT AND THE DEATH OF DANNY CASOLARO. 2004, Rev. ed., Feral House, Los Angeles, CA, 235 pgs., LSC, NF. Casolaro was investigating the Inslaw Affair, the theft of a super surveillance software used to spy on criminals and police alike. The book has relevance to the October Surprise, September 11th, and the JFK assassination. ... $15.00


(5631) Sutton, Anthony C.: WALL STREET AND THE BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION. Arlington House, New Rochelle NY. 1974. 228 pgs. NF/VG+ DJ. Story of how the big financiers supported the Bolshevik Revolution. ... $27.50

(5624) Asinof, Eliot and Warren Hinckle and William Turner: THE TEN-SECOND JAILBREAK: THE HELICOPTER ESCAPE OF JOEL DAVID KAPLAN. Holt, Rinehart and Wilson, NY, 1973. 268 pgs. VG+/VG+. 1st ed. ... $12.50

(5623) Yakovlev, Nikolai: CIA TARGET--THE USSR. 1982. Progress, Moscow. 297 pgs. NF. Much on the OSS, Academic community, Radio Liberty, Radio Free Europe. ... $17.50

(5619) Ridenour, Ron: BACKFIRE: THE CIA'S BIGGEST BURN. 1991. LSC, 174 pgs. VG+. The Jose Marti Publishing House, Havana. 26 Cuban and 1 Italian infiltrate CIA for Cuba's Dept. of State security, and came out in 1987. Cuba's counterintelligence proves that the CIA never stopped attempting to murder Castro. ... $30.00

(2137) Roosevelt, Archie: FOR LUST OF KNOWING. Little, Brown, MA 1988, 1st ed. ed. NF/NF, rem.., 500 pgs., Memoirs of early years of CIA ... $8.00 ... SALE PRICE $5.50

(5616) Scarne, John: THE MAFIA CONSPIRACY. Scarne Enterprises, North Bergen, NJ. 1976. NF/VG+. Anti-Italian reporting and anti-Italian Senate hearings created "myth" of the mafia. References to Church Committee. ... $27.50

(5615) Messick, Hank: SYNDICATE ABROAD. Story of Lansky and the Bahamas. McMillan. 1st ed. 1969, 246 pgs., NF/VG DJ. ... $17.50

(5613) Pennsylvania Crime Commission: RACKETEERING AND ORGANIZED CRIME IN THE BINGO INDUSTRY. 1992, Conshocken, PA. 78 pgs. LSC, ex-library, otherwise VG+. Meyer Lansky, among others, had his hand at the wheel. ... $10.00

(3628) Hudson, James A.: THE MYSTERIOUS DEATH OF MARILYN MONROE. Volitant Books, NY 1968, SC original, VG cond.., 112 pgs. Explores possibilities of suicide, accident, murder as well abas rumors of involvement with Kennedys. ... $27.50

(731) Spindel, Bernard B.: THE OMINOUS EAR. Award, NY 1968, 1st ed. VG+/VG+., 253 pgs., Inscribed. Hoffa Wiretap Trials. Hard-to-find ... $35.00

(5610) {VIDEO} Adamson, Bruce Campbell: ONE THOUSAND POINTS OF LIFE: PUBLIC REMAINS IN THE DARK: JFK, DIANA, SEPTEMBER 11. 2003, 1 hour, VHS. ... $15.00

(5606) Ackerman, E.C. "Mike": STREET MAN. 1976, 149 pgs., LSC, VG+. This 11-year CIA career man specialized in operations against the Soviet Union, Cuba, and the PLO. After his resignation in 1975, he devoted his time to lecturing and writing on the need for an effective intelligence service. ... $20.00

(5605) Cabell, Charles P., Jr. (Brigadier Genl, USAF, Ret.), ed.: A MAN OF INTELLIGENCE: MEMOIRS OF WAR, PEACE, AND THE CIA. Impavide Publications, Colorado Springs, CO., 1997, 397 pgs. Fine/No DJ as issued. Over 100 pages devoted to his work at the CIA, including involvement with U-2 and the Bay of Pigs operation. ... $50.00

(5602) Peebles, Curtis: THE MOBY DICK PROJECT: RECONNAISSANCE BALLOONS OVER RUSSIA. 1991. Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington, DC, 258 pgs. The beginnings of the age of surveillance, the balloons preceded the U-2. ... $12.50 ... SALE PRICE 9.00

(5595) {DVD} WAR ON FREEDOM: THE 9/11 CONSPIRACIES. By Jim Marrs. Ares Publishing, Boyd, TX. 60 minutes. ... $20.00

(5594) Marrs, Jim: WAR ON FREEDOM: THE 9/11 CONSPIRACIES. Ares Publishing, Boyd, TX. LSC, VG+, 2003, 322 pgs.. Were the U.S. invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq planned long before September 11? Why did normal security measures consistently fail that day? Why has no one in government been fired or even reprimanded for failing to prevent the attacks? ... $25.00

(5580) Corson, William R. and Robert T. Crowley: THE NEW KGB. 560 pgs. Morrow 1985. 1st ed. VG+/VG+. Origin of agency through Andropov/Cherneko era. ... $10.00

b. second copy: Ex-Lib. otherwise VG+/VG+ DJ. ... $5.50

(5579) Johnson, David R.: ILLEGAL TENDER: COUNTERFEITING AND THE SECRET SERVICE IN 19th CENTURY AMERICA. 1995. 1st ed. Fine/Fine. 220 pgs. Smithsonian Inst. Press, Wash DC. ... $15.00

(5577) Weiss, Mike: DOUBLE PLAY: THE SAN FRANCISCO CITY HALL KILLINGS. Addison-Wesley. 1984, 1st ed., 422 pgs. Reading, MA. Murder of Mayor George Moscone and supervisor Harvey Milk by Dan White. ... $15.00 ... SALE PRICE $9.00

(1156) Corson, William R.: THE ARMIES OF IGNORANCE. NF/NF. 1st ed. Dial. 1977. 640 pgs. The rise of the American intelligence empire. References to Bay of Pigs and Mongoose. ... $15.00

(5573) Goodspeed, D.J.: THE CONSPIRATORS. McMillan of Canada, 1983, LSC, 274 pgs. VG+. Study of the coup d'etat, includes chapters on Dublin 1916, Petrograd 1917, Rastenburg 1944. ... $10.00

(5572) Crump, Irving: OUR UNITED STATES SECRET SERVICE. Dodd-Mead, 1942, VG+/VG DJ. 264 pgs. War against counterfeiters. ... $15.00

(5036) Leary, William, ed.: THE CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY: HISTORY AND DOCUMENTS. Univ. of Alabama Press, 1984, Lg softbound, NF cond., 190 pgs., Includes excerpts of critical reports from 40's and 50's ... $17.50

(4370) Wilson, Frank J. and Beth Day: SPECIAL AGENT: A QUARTER CENTURY WITH THE TREASURY DEPT. AND THE SECRET SERVICE. Holt, Rinehart, Winston, NY 1965, VG+/VG+, 250 pgs., Includes attempt on Truman and references to JFK assassination ... $22.50

(5551) Mollenhoff, Clark: STRIKE FORCE. Prentiss Hall. 1972. NF/VG+ DJ. 274 pgs. Justice Department moves against Mob. ... $12.50

(5548) Bonanno, Bill: BOUND BY HONOR: A MAFIOSO STORY. St. Martin's Press. NY, 1999. NF/NF DJ. Son of Joe Bonnano tells his story. ... $11.00

(1652) Lunt, Lawrence K.: LEAVE ME MY SPIRIT. Affiliated Writers of America. Tempe AZ. 1990. 277 pgs. Afterward by Wayne Smith. Story of American who spent 14 years in Castro's prisons ... $17.50

(2183) Robbins, Christopher: AIR AMERICA. VG+/VG DJ. Putnam, NY, 1979. 312 pgs. Story of the CIA's secret airlines. $17.50

(5540) Warner, Michael: THE CIA UNDER HARRY TRUMAN. History Staff, Center for Study of Intelligence, the CIA, Washington. 1984. LSC. VG. Unnumbered pages. ... $22.50

(3219) Welch, Neil J. and David W. Marston: INSIDE HOOVER'S FBI, 1950s-1980s. Includes covert operation that led to ABSCAM. NF/VG+ DJ. 324 pgs. 1984. Some RFK material. ... $11.00

(5532) Shirley, Edward: KNOW THINE ENEMIES. Farrar, Strauss, Geroux, NY, 1997, 247 pgs. Fine/Fine. A spy's journey into revolutionary Iran. ... $12.50

(5530) McRae, Ron: MIND WARS. St. Martin's, 1984, 155 pgs., NF/NF DJ. Intro by Jack Anderson. Govt. research into the military potential of psychic weapons. ... $12.50

(5527) Franceschini, Remo: A MATTER OF HONOR: ONE COP'S LIFELONG PURSUIT OF JOHN GOTTI AND THE MOB. Simon & Schuster, 1st ed., 1993, 288 pgs. , NF/NF DJ. ... $10.00

(2725) Pines, Maya: THE BRAIN CHANGERS. HBJ, NY, 1973. Fine/NF. 248 pgs. Scientists and the new mind control. ... $12.50

(924) O'Toole, George: THE PRIVATE SECTOR. Norton, NY, 1978. NF/NF DJ. 250 pgs. Rent-a-cop, private spies, and the police-industrial complex. ... $20.00

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Edited by Shanet Clark
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  • 3 years later...

Ever since I read Possible Discovery of an Automobile Used on the JFK Conspiracy, I have been interested in the book, cited by Richard Bartholomew below. He referenced it in the manuscript he wrote.

De Moordfabriek: Tussen Dallas en Watergate

By Wim J. F. Meines

Published by Centripress, 1974

127 pages

At the URL below, someone apparently believes he found out more about the author.....

NEPAT Overflow - Page 51 - Absolute Write Water Cooler

The book De Moordfabriek: Tussen Dallas en Watergate (1974) was indeed written by him, I have now learnt, and not by someone else bearing the same name.


That person indicates that the above name is misspelled and should read Wim J.F. Meiners.

Wonder if anyone on the Forum has perused this book...........

Edited by Robert Howard
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