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Smoking Gun Found

Shanet Clark

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        I learned a lesson the hard way one time when I thought I saw something in my version of the Weigman film ( and posted extensively on it ) that didn't exist in a better copy . Thankfully, Gary Mack took the time to set me straight - I've tried to be careful  since then, ever mindful that I'm not working with original ( first generation, etc ) source material. Bill Miller has also been a great resource, both in terms of material and advice. He insists on using the best resources available and uses all available photographic sources to recheck the work eg.) If the image exists in one source then see if it also exists in another, then compare. It also helps to remain objective.

        I'm not talking down to anyone here, just offering some advice from a guy who's had his photographic interpreting head kicked in ( figuratively, of course ) publicly several times - and, I still have bumps to prove it ...


I know exactly how you feel. Interesting though that someone would trash Bill Miller as someone who "sees things", yet posted a "rifle" scene without checking other views of the same building, or " clearly sees" a camera held by Marilyn Sitzman posted in Duncan's blotchy mess from Moorman.

IMO you are absolutely correct about Bill. He is a great resource, always willing to help, and is not afraid to butt heads with those who push nonsense and whose photographic interpretation skills are suspect.


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