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{strong online resource concerning the Skull and Bones}

Skull & Bones

It all began at Yale. In 1832, General William Huntington Russell and Alphonso

Taft put together a super secret society for the elite children of the Anglo-

American Wall Street banking establishment. William Huntington Russell's

step-brother Samuel Russell ran "Russell & Co.", the world's largest OPIUM

smuggling operation in the world at the time. Alphonso Taft is the Grandfather of our ex-president Howard Taft, the creator of the Forerunner to the United Nations.

Only 15 seniors are picked each year by the former graduating class. They are required as a part of their initiation ceremony to lie naked in a coffin and recite

their sexual history. This method allows other members to control the individual

by threatening to reveal their innermost secrets if they do not "go-along".

George Bush's father as well as George Bush were and are members of Skull & Bones. A major

key figure in Skull & Bones was William Averall Harriman. Pamela Harriman supplied the funds to elect Bill Clinton to office. Harriman was THE major backer of the Democratic Party for over 50

years. Major players in Skull & Bones have been linked to the financing of both world wars and the

creation of many think-tanks and Universities in this country. Bush's father was a major contributor

to the "Hitler Project" as well as the build-up of the Soviet Union. Thus, leading to the inevidable

World Wars and the eventual set-up of the United Nations in America.

I first learned about the workings of "Skull and Bones" in 1990-91 during the Gulf War.

Craig Hulett, A.K.A. (K.C. de Pass) was in Los Angeles doing several lectures discussing the

NEW WORLD ORDER. Here he revealed the work of ANTONY SUTTON author of a number

of books including "Wall Street and the Bolshevic Revolution", "Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler",

"Wall Street and FDR", "Gold v. Paper", "Energy-The Created Crisis", "National Suicide : Military

Aid to the Soviet Union", "Technological Treason", A massive 3-Volume Set titled "Western

Technology and Soviet Economic Development 1917-1973", (While working as a fellow researcher

at the Hoover Institute), then came "America's Secret Establishment : An Introduction to the Order

of Skull & Bones", in 1984 and Finally "The Two Faces of George Bush", also about Skull &

Bones". "Secret Establishment" was a compilation of his previous materials with a new insight.

You see, his previous works focused on the Wall Street Bankers and several organizations they

had founded. But, what happened was that someone who was reading his books, said "Hey, look

at this", the research you are doing on these clowns is great, but did you know about "Skull &

Bones"? Antony had been doing the research on these particular individuals without knowing that

they all belonged to the same "Secret Society" at Yale. The person who made him aware of this

was a member of "Skull & Bones" attempting to expose it for what it is. Shortly after, Sutton

recieved a documents package containing the "Actual Membership List of Skull & Bones" and

several other documents of the same nature. Sutton then realized that all the key figures of his

research were actually part of this secret clan at Yale. That is when it all came together for him.

America's Secret Establishment : An introduction to the Order of

Skull and Bones : For a review of this book or to Order Click Here!

This package of documents was sent to 3 people. Antony Sutton, Craig Hulett, and the FBI.

The FBI didn't do anything with it. (I wonder why?), Craig Hulett researched it and Antony Sutton

published the results of his own research.

To Order a Copy of this entire Package of Materials :

Send a postal money order for $50.00 to 484 Lake Park Ave # 81, Oakland, Ca. 94610

Please leave the "Pay to" line blank, this enables us to pass it on without necessarily cashing it, thereby

eliminating the need to borrow the federal reserve currency into circulation at interest.

Main Families in Skull & Bones :

(A) Whitney Family (1635, Watertown, Mass.)

(:P Perkins Family (1631, Boston, Mass.)

© Phelps Family (1630, Dorchester, Mass.)

(D) Bundy Family (1635, Boston, Mass.)

(E) Taft Family (1679, Braintree, Mass.)

(F) Wadsworth Family (1632, Newton, Mass.)

(G) Lord Family (1635, Cambridge, Mass.)

(H) Gilman Family (1638, Hingham, Mass.)

(I) Harriman Family (Railroads)

(J) Rockefeller Family (Standard Oil)

(K) Payne Family (Standard Oil)

(L) Davison Family (J.P. Morgan)

(M) Weyerhaeuser Family (Lumber)

(N) Pillsbury Family (Flour Milling)

(O) Sloane Family (Retail)

(1) A Little About the Whitneys :

Initiated Name Field

(A) 1851 Emerson Cogswell Whitney Education: "Died Dec. 1, 1851"

(:) 1854 Edward Payson Whitney Medicine: "Dissappeared in 1858"

© 1856 James Lyman Whitney Library Work, Boston Public Library

(D) 1863 William Collins Whitney Secretary of Navy (1885-9)

Promoter & Financier

(E) 1878 Edward Baldwin Whitney Law: Justice, New York Supreme Ct.

(F) 1882 Joseph Ernest Whitney Education: "Died Feb. 25th, 1893"

(G) 1894 Payne Whitney (Son of Finance: Knickerbocker Trust Co.

William Collins Whitney

(H) 1898 Harry Payne Whitney Finance: Guaranty Trust &

Son of W.C. Whitney Guggenheim Exploration Co.

(2) A Little About The Lords :

(A) 1854 George de Forest Lord

(B) 1898 Franklin Atkins Lord

© 1922 William Galey Lord+Francis Norton=Son Charles Edwin Lord 2nd

(D) 1926 Oswald Bates Lord+Mary Pillsbury (Of Pillsbury Flour family)=

Son Winston Lord

(E) 1949 Charles Edwin Lord 2nd

(F) 1959 Winston Lord

The Lords Today:

(G) Charles Edwin Lord : Acting Comptroller of the Currency (1981)

(H) Winston Lord : Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations (1983)


Members of Skull & Bones In Guaranty Trust : (Date Initiated)

(A) Harold Stanley (1908)

(B) W. Murray Crane (1904)

© Harry P. Whitney (1894)

(D) W. Averall Harriman (1913)

(E) Knight Wooley (1917)

(F) Frank P. Shepard (1917)

(G) Joseph R. Swan (1902)

(H) Thomas Cochrane (1894)

(I) Percy Rockefeller (1900)

Post WWII Partners

(J) George H. Chittenden (1939)

(K) William Redmond Cross (1941)

(L) Henry P. Davison Jr. (1920)

(M) Thomas Rodd (1935)

(N) Clement D. Gile (1939)

(O) Daniel P. Davison (1949)

Guaranty Trust was founded in 1864 in New York. Over the next 100 years the banking firm

expanded rapidly by absorbing other banks and trust companies; in 1910 it merged Morton Trust

Company, in 1912 the Standard Trust Company and in 1929, the National Bank of Commerce. The

J.P. Morgan Firm has effectively controlled Guaranty Trust since 1912 when Mrs. Edward Harriman

(Mother of Roland and Averell Harriman) sold her block of 8,000 shares of the total outstanding

20,000 shares to J.P. Morgan. By 1954 Guranty Trust had become the most important banking

subsidiary of the J.P. Morgan Firm and since 1954 the merged firms have been known as Morgan

Guaranty Company.

Members of Skull & Bones in Brown Bros., Harriman (Formerly W.A.Harriman)

(A) W.A. Harriman (1913)

(B) E. Roland Harriman (1917)

© Ellery S. James (1917)

(D) Ray Morris (1901)

(E) Prescott Sheldon Bush (1917)

(F) Knight Wooley (1917)

(G) Mortimer Seabury (1909)

(H) Robert A. Lovett (1918)

Post WWII Partners

(I) Eugene Wm. Stetson, Jr. (1934) (1937-1942)

(J) Walter H. Brown (1945)

(K) Stephen Y. Hord (1921)

(L) John Beckwith Madden (1941)

(M) Grange K. Costikyan (1929)

Partner Not in the Skull & Bones

(N) Matthew C. Brush (32nd Degree Mason)

Members of Skull and Bones & Nazis in Union Banking Corp. : Directors in 1932

(A) E. Roland Harriman (1917) Vice President of W.A. Harriman and Co., N.Y.

(B) Knight Wooley (1917) Director of Guaranty Trust, N.Y. and Dir. of

the Federal Reserve Bank of N.Y.

© Ellery Sedgewick James (1917) Partner Brown Brothers and Co. N.Y.

(D) Prescott Sheldon Bush (1917) Partner Brown Bros, Harriman, Father of

Ex-President George Bush

(E) H.J. Kouwenhoven (Nazi) Nazi banker, managing partner of August

Thyssen Bank and Bank Voor Handel

Scheepvaart N.V. (The transfer bank for

Thyssen's funds)

(F) Johann Groninger (Nazi) Director of Bank Voor Handel en Scheepvaart

and Vereinigte Stahlwerke (Thyssen's Steel


The other two members were :

(G) J.L. Guinter Director of Union Banking Corp.

(H) Cornelius Lievense President, Union Banking Corp. and Director

of Holland American Investment Corp.

Established in 1924 as a unit of W.A. Harriman and Co. (A joint Walker, Thyssen, Harriman

operation). The founding partners were George Herbert Walker, Co-founder & sponsor (Grandfather

of George Herbert Walker Bush, Ex-President, on the Father's side. William Averill Harriman and

Fritz Thyssen of the German Steel Trust. The office of Union Banking Corp. was the N.Y. office of

the German Steel Trust.

There you have it, The Financiers of Adolf Hitler & The USSR!


(1) "The Nation" Magazine and New Republic on the "Left" were financed by Willard Straight, using

Payne Whitney (Skull and Bones) Funds.

(2) The "National Review" on the "Right" is published by William F. Buckley a member (wwww)

War & Revolution


(1) Daniel Coit Gilman, (1852) was 1st President of Johns Hopkins University. President of the

University of California. President of the Carnegie Institution. Founded Russell Trust (Incorporated

Skull and Bones at Yale in 1856). Studied at the University of Berlin between 1854 and 1855

under Karl Von Ritter and Friedrich Trendelenderg, both prominent "Right" Hegelians.

(2) William H. Welch (1870) was President of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical research from

1910 to 1934.


(1) Daniel Coit Gilman (See Above)

(2) Andrew Dickson White (1853) was 1st President of Cornell University. First President of the

American Historical Association. Studied at the University of Berlin between 1856-58.

(3) Timothy Dwight (1849) was 12th President of Yale University. Studied at the Universitiers of

Berlin and Bonn between 1856 and 1858.

Also at the University of Berlin at the time when all three of these influencial bonesmen were

there, was Wilhelm Wundt, the founder of experimental psychology in Germany and later the source

od dozens of American Ph.D.s who came back from Leipzig, Germany to start the modern American

Education Movement.

(4) Alfonso Taft (1832) Co-founder of Skull and Bones, was the most influential Trustee of Antioch

College. In 1853 Taft appointed Horace Mann as President of Antioch.

Governmental Organizations

(1) McGeorge Bundy (1940) was Special Assistant for National Security Affairs to President's

Kennedy and Johnson from 1961 to 1966.

In 1966, Bundy appointed President of the Ford Foundation, where he stayed until 1979. While at

Ford, Bundy brought in as Vice-President in charge of Education and Research Division another

member of Skull and Bones. Harold Howe II ( )

(2) Willaim Putnam Bundy (wwww)

(3) Archibald MacLeish (1915) Helped write the Constitution for UNESCO.

(4) Richard T. Ely (wwww) 1st Secretary of the American Economic Association.

Firms With Links To Skull & Bones at, or Near, 120 Broadway In 1917:

(A) 120 Broadway Edward H. Harriman (Before his death)

(B) 59 Broadway W.A. Harriman Company

© 120 Broadway America International Corporation

(D) 23 Wall J.P. Morgan Firm

(E) 120 Broadway Federal Reserve Bank of New York

(F) 120 Broadway Bankers Club (Top Floor)

(E) 120 Broadway Thomas D. Thacher (of Simpson, Thacher & Bartlett)

(F) 14 Wall William Boyce Thompson

(G) 120 Broadway Guggenheim Exploration

(H) 15 Wall Stetson, Jennings, & Russell

(I) 120 Broadway C.A.K. Martens of Weinberg & Posner (The 1st

Soviet "ambassador")

(J) 110 W. 40th St. Soviet Bureau

(K) 60 Broadway Amos Pinchot's Office

(L) 120 Broadway Stone & Webster

(M) 120 Broadway General Electric

(N) 120 Broadway Sinclair Gulf Corp.

(O) 120 Broadway Guaranty Securities

(P) 140 Broadway Guaranty Trust Company

(Q) 233 Broadway Anglo-Russian Chamber of Commerce

Chart A: The Order of Skull & Bones in the Yale Faculty

Member Date Initiated Position At Yale

Beebe, William 1873 Professor of English Literature (1882-1917)

Beers, Henry A. 1869 Professor of English Literature (1874-1926)

Bellinger, Alfred R. 1917 Professor of Greek (1926-

Dahl, George 1908 Professor of Yale Divinity School (1914-1929)

Darling, Arthur B. 1916 Professor of History (1925-1933)

Day, Clive 1892 Professor of Economic History (1902-1938)

Dexter, Franklin B. 1861 Secretary, Yale University

Dwight, Timothy 1849 President of Yale University

Farnam, Henry 1874 Professor of Economics (1880-1933)

French, Robert D. 1910 Professor of English (1919-1950)

Gilman, Daniel C. 1852

Graves, Henry S. 1892 Dean, Yale School of Forestry (1900-1939)

Gruener G. 1882 Professor of German (1892-1928)

Hadley, Arthur T. 1876 President of Yale (1899-1921)

Hilles, Frederick 1922 Professor of English (Professor of English 1921-

Holden, Reuben A. 1940 Assistant to President (1947-

Hoppin, James M. 1840 Professor of History of Art (1861-1899)

Ingersoll, James W. 1892 Professor of Latin (1897-1921)

Jones, Frederick S. 1884 Dean Yale College (1909-1926)

Lewis, Charlton M. 1886 Professor of English (1898-1923)

Lohman, Carl A. 1910 Secretary Yale University (1927-

Lyman, Chester 1837 Professor of Mechanics (1859-1890)

McLaughlin, Edward T. 1883 Professor of English (1890-1893)

Northrop, Cyrus 1857 Professor of English (1863-1884)

Packard, Lewis R. 1856 Professor of Greek (1863-1884)

Peck, Tracy 1861 Professor of Latin (1889-1908)

Perrin, Bernadotte 1869 Professor of Greek (1893-1909)

Pierce, Frederick E. 1904 Professor of English (1910-1935)

Root, Reginald D. 1926 Yale Football Coach (1933-1948)

Schwab, John C. 1886 Professor of Political Economy (1893-1906)

Seymour, Charles 1908 Prof. of History (1915-37), Pres. (1936-50)

Seymour, Charles Jr. 1935 Professor of Art (1945-

Silliman, Benjamin Jr. 1837 Professor of Chemistry (1846-1885)

Stokes, Anson P. 1896 Secretary of Yale (1899-1921)

Sumner, William G. 1863 Professor of Economics (1872-1909)

Taft, William H. 1878 Professor of Law (1913)

Tarbell, Frank B. 1873 Professor of Greek (1882-1887)

Thacher, Thomas A. 1835 Professor of Latin (1842-1886)

Thompson, John R. 1938 Professor of Law (1939-

Walker, Charles R. 1916 Assistant Secretary (1943-1945)

Woolsey, Theodore S. 1872 Professor of International Law (1878-1929)

Wright, Henry B. 1898 Professor of History (1907-1911)

Wright, Henry P. 1868 Professor of Latin (1871-1918), Dean Yale

University (1884-1909)

Chart B: Members of Skull and Bones in Education outside of Yale.

Burtt, Edwin A. 1915 Professor of Philosophy, University of Chicago

(1924-31) and Cornell University (1931-60)

Alexander, Eben 1873 Professor of Greek and Minister to Greece


Blake, Eli Whitney 1857 Professor of Physics, Cornell (1868-70) and

Brown University (1870-95)

Chauvenet, William 1840 U.S. Navel Academy (1845-59) and

Chancellor Washington University (1862-69)

Cooke, Francis J. 1933 New England Conservatory of Music

Cooper, Jacob 1852 Professor of Greek, Center College (1855-66)

Rutgers University (1866-1904)

Cutler, Carroll 1854 President Western Reserve University


Daniels, Joseph L. 1860 Professor of Greek, Olivert College, and

President (1865-1904)

Emerson, Joseph 1841 Professor of Greek, Beloit College (1848-88)

Estill, Joe G. 1891 Connecticut State Legislature (1932-1936)

Evans, Evan W. 1851 Professor of Mathematics, Cornell University


Ewell, John L. 1865 Professor of Church History, Howard

University (1891-1910)

Fisher, Irving 1888 Professor of Political Economy, Yale


Fisk, F.W. 1849 President, Chicago Theological Seminary


Green, James Payne 1857 Professor of Greek, Jefferson College


Griggs, John C. 1889 Vassar College (1897-1927)

Hall, Edward T. 1941 St. Marks School, Southborough, Mass.

Harman, Archer 1913 St. Paul's School, Concord, N.H.

Harman, Archer Jr. 1945 St. Paul's School, Concord, N.H.

Hincks, John H. 1872 Professor of History, Atlanta University


Hine, Charles D. 1871 Secretary, Connecticut State Board of

Education (1883-1920)

Hoxton, Archibald R. 1939 Episcopal High School

Hoyt, Joseph G. 1840 Chancellor Washington University (1858-1862)

Ives, Chauncey B. 1928 Adirondack - Florida School

Johnson, Charles F. 1855 Professor of Mathematics, U.S. Navel

Academy (1865-70), Trinity College


Johnston, Henry Phelps 1862 Professor of History, N.Y. City College


Johnston, William 1852 Professor of English Literature, Washington &

Lee (1867-77) and Louisiana State University


Jones, Theodore S. 1933 Institute of Contemporary Art

Kingsbury, Howard T. 1926 Westminster School

Knapp, John M. 1936 Princeton University

Learned, Dwight Whitney 1870 Professor of Church History, Doshiba College,

Japan (1876-1928)

McClintock, Norman 1891 Professor of Zoology, University of Pittsburg


Macleish, Archibald 1915 Library of Congress (1939-1944), UNESCO,

State Dept. OWI, Howard University

Moore, Eliakim H. 1883 Professor of Mathematics, University of Chicago


Nichols, Alfred B. 1880 Professor of German, Simmons College


Norton, WIlliam B. 1925 Professor of History Boston University

Owen, Edward T. 1872 Professor of French, University of Wisconsin


Parsons, Henry 1933 Columbia University

Perry, David B. 1863 President, Douana College (1881-1912)

Pomeroy, John 1887 Professor of Law, University of Illinois (1910-24)

Potwin, Lemuel S. 1854 Professor, Western Reserve University

Reed, Harry L. 1889 President, Auburn Theological Seminary

Richardson, Rufus B. 1869 Director of American School of Classical

Studies Athens (1893-1903)

Russell, William H. 1833 Collegiate School, Hartford

Seely, William W. 1862 Dean, Medical Faculty, University of Cincinnati


Southworth, George CS 1863 Bexley Theological Seminary (1888-1900)

Stagg, Amos A. 1888 Dir. Physical Education, University of Chicago

Stillman, George S. 1935 St. Pauls School

Tighe, Lawrence G. 1916 Treasurer of Yale

Twichell, Charles P. 1945 St. Louis Country Day School

Tyler, Charles M. 1855 Professor of History, Cornell University


Tyler, Moses Coit 1857 Professor at Cornell (1867-1900)

Watkins, Charles L. 1908 Director, Phillips Art School

Yardley, Henry A. 1855 Berkeley Divinity School (1867-1882)

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I just thought I'd throw in my own two cents. While I haven't spent much time thinking about the Skull and Bones I did uncover something one night that I've never seen elsewhere, and it is a little creepy in light of all the suspicion of the S & B. And that's that one of the most prominent families in the history of Yale and the S & B is the Cheney Family of New England. I read up a little about them and found out they made their fortune in the textile industry, and were the dominant silk manufacturers in America for some time. While current VP Dick Cheney is proud of his mid-west background and sells himself as a proud man from Wyoming and Texas, the reality is that his initial attempt at establishing himself was a brief stay at Yale, which he attended for a few semesters before dropping out and crawling back home. This struck me as an odd coincidence, and I wondered to myself if Dick's fling at Yale was not the failed attempt of a middle class mid-western boy to reach the social heights of his high-toned Eastern relatives. And guess what, when I searched Dick's family tree, available on-line, and the names of the silk baron Cheneys, also available on-line, I found that Dick's great grandfather, as I remember it, was from the clan that dominated the Skull and Bones from 1850-1900. Dick is quite likely a S & B wanna-be.

Edited by Pat Speer
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