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training camp in Mississippi?

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I was eading through LHO in New Orleans, Part I by Dave Reitzes and came across this passage:


"Rudolph Davis told (FBI Agent Warren) DeBrueys that Laureano Batista, of the Christian Democratic Movement in Miami, had sent the men to New Orleans. In a

follow-up report dated September 18, 1963, the SAC of the New Orleans FBI

Office informed the Director, that in view of the interview with Rudolph

Richard Davis, "New Orleans will limit its inquiries to the possible

existence in Mississippi of a training camp where 12 men were allegedly

being trained on a ranch." (FBI NO 97-4110-65; Weberman) SA Warren

DeBrueys prepared a report on October 3, 1963, which concerned Rudolph

Richard Davis, most of which was withheld. [FBI 97-4110; Weberman)."

Does anyone know about a training camp in Mississippi?

Steve Thomas

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I came across another reference in a usenet discussion group. This camp amy have involved Sam Benton:

"In early July 1963, a FBI informant in the DRE advised that Sam Benton had

2,500 pounds of dynamite hidden in Mississippi, and wanted to obtain B-24

aircraft for a new strategy against the oil refineries that involved the DRE. "

Steve Thomas

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