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Just wanted to share this page with everybody for all the plausible facts it may provide....



It is true that several of the people mentioned above were my associates for sometime before,and after the JFK assassination. However the entire affair is clearly outlined on a CD available from jfkresearch.com/forum.

Harry Dean

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Interesting posting. Who wrote the article? Who was "Frenchy"? Seems to give William Seymour a very large role in events. The article is clearly wrong on one point. Sid Richardson was not involved in the plot. He died of a heart attack on 30th September, 1959, at his home in St Joseph's Island.


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Interesting stuff.

Claims Jim Hicks and William Seymour were principles in the assassination.

There is a glossary of names at the end


Real name(s) not yet determined. French Canadian adventurer. CIA contract agent. Training for second invasion of Cuba in Florida Keys. Knew Howard, Hall, Seymour, Hemming, and Santana. Fired shots. Also involved in King assassination.


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