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Sinatra and the Rat Pack

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This DVD by Delta Entertainment is available from Amazon for $9.99. I found it quite fascinating. (Happened upon it in a video store.) It centers on the making of the 1960 "Oceans Eleven".

It has rare archival footage of RFK questioning Giancana before the McCellan Committee. It talks about Sinatra's relationship with JFK and the Mafia's contribution to JFKs 1960 campaign. It shows the 500 Club in Atlantic City and Skinny D'Amato. Plus it has rare great footage of a very young Sammy Davis, Jr.

It also has Sinatra singing the JFK campaign song "High Hopes".

Not really assassination oriented but I suspect most Forum members would find it interesting, especially if you liked the George Clooney remakes of "Oceans 11".

I am sure we all know that Sinatra introduced JFK to Campbell when JFK went to Vegas to watch the filming of Oceans Eleven.

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