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Bubba Ho Tep

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I though the forum might get a kick out of this film thats doing the rounds worldwide, its become quite a cult film.

heres a basic synopsis

its kind of a strange one. Its about a nursing home ofr the elderly with Elvis in the body of an elvis impersonater and JFK in a black mans body (he dodge the bullet and his skin was changed. They fight a zombie that sucks peoples souls out of their asses. Before JFK knows what the zombie is he suspects it is Lyndon Johnson, Elvis tells him that Lyndon Johnson is dead to which JFK replies "that wont stop lyndon johnson" . In his room in the nursing home he has mugshots of oswald, ruby, ferrie and clay shaw and has a model of the TSBD. He asks elvis to swear that he has never met Jack Ruby or Lee Harvey Oswald

Its worth a look for a laugh


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