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Stranger than the Single Bullet: LHO interview

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Cyril Wecht once stated [ I am searching for the statement ] so I will, with your permission, pararphrase. He stated that in his opinion the JFK murder would not be solved until the researchers turned their minds and their investigations "away from Dealey Plaza". I take this to mean that the only solution will come from the investigation of the improprieties in the case which began immediately after the arrest of LHO by the DPD. The immediate and subsequent improprieties by both action and word of this law enforcement body and the Dallas D.A. which was soon followed by J.Edgar Hoover's take over of the case. Upon Hoover's take over, all investigation by any other body was officially closed forever. By Hoovers "pronouncement" immediately of Oswalds guilt, the case was in fact CLOSED!

I personally further take Mr. Wecht's statement to mean, that the names of the gunmen, their locations, the number of shots fired, their means of escape or the "botched by military directive" autopsy will not solve the case.

I am personally in complete agreement, if this is what Mr. Wecht meant, and I feel certain that it is, that the solution must be found by working in reverse from the very obvious cover up. The cover up which began with the FBI takeover and the pronouncements of Hoover, whom at the time was in the opinion of a vast majority of the American public, the father figure force behind American justice. The confidence of the majority was further strengthened by the appointment by the President of The United States, within a few days of the assassination, of what seemed to be a panel of some of the most honorable and well known men in the country who were to be led by no one less honorable than the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

If I have interpreted Mr. Wecht correctly, it is from here, and in reverse, that the solution should be sought. The answer to me seems to lie in exactly who was in total control of what essential figures. The motive, if needed, is the guiding force behind any major takeover, be it corporate or political----Power and Control-----and yes, Money is interwoven. Charlie Black

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