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The new age political documentary

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Recently We have seen an influx of documentaries focusing on current political issues, I refer of course to michael moores 'bowling for Columbine' and 'Fahrenheit 911' and the new and excellent 'The corporation'.

These films bring strong messages on the dangers of political power, secretive governments and businesses and the growing inequality of wealth.

As these type of films have received a much wider audience than they normally would have in previous years, can they be effective in changing peoples feelings and actions towards a subject.

After watching 'The Corporation' I am now thinking about boycotting coke, nestle and other multinational organisations and only buying clothes that were ligitimally made, not by child labour and trying to ensure that I do not contribute to the state our planet is in.

These are good intentions but, is it feasible?

The common argument for the lack of public interest in subjects like the ones raised is that people are too wrapped up in their own lives, constant consumerism, caring more about their weight than that of people starving in the third world.

These documentaries urge us to act, is it enough just to stay informed or should we act upon what we think is wrong.


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