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Popkin's 2nd Oswald

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This is a write-up which was on eBay for Popkin's book.


Richard H. Popkin. The Second Oswald. 1966.

The Zapruder film had another reel, never mentioned in the Warren Commission's final report. The suppressed reel preceded the assassination portion of the film and was a black and white cartoon short. In the cartoon, among other curious images, Bugs Bunny, dressed as Fidel Castro, offers an exploding cigar to a red-haired youth, wearing a shirt with a horizontal zig-zag stripe identical to the shirt worn by Charlie Brown.This meaningless but misleading detail may help (as much as anything really can at this point) clarify the confusion surrounding the assassination of President Kennedy on November 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas.

That was a new one for me. Anyone ever heard the like?

Johnny Werd was the second Lee Harvey Oswald. Was Johnny Werd acting under his own volition, or was he being controlled? Hypnosis, accelerated by drugs and electrical stimulation techniques, would have sufficed in a subject like Werd to ensure his handlers complete control over his actions, leaving no memories. We may never know for certain which of the two Lee Harvey Oswalds Werd was at any given time. Werd was a lousy shot with a rifle, worse even than Oswald. Tests have shown that Werd cannot fire a round of any caliber without being knocked backwards by the force of the recoil. Johnny Werd's fingerprint was found on the other Lee Harvey Oswald. How is it possible that Werd could have fired bullet #399, which the Warren Commision concluded ricocheted through President Kennedy, Attorney General Kennedy, and Jim Morrison, before coming to rest on Governor Connely's stretcher? If we accept the supposition that Werd deliberately tried to call attention to himself before the assassination, many of his actions can be explained. For example, while in Mexico City Werd made repeated calls to the CIA Station chief asking what a Book Depository was. When told that a book depository was a place where books were deposited he became irate. Werd was also reportedly an avid Castro supporter, though his support was limited to babbling about Cuba at parties until everybody else got disgusted and left. Popkin's theory is that the third gunman, after Werd and Oswald, fired from the grassy knoll and then hid, with his rifle, in the trunk of a Volkswagon beetle. For this reason, we propose that the second gunman was tinyman. Since tinyman is not large or brave enough to discharge a firearm, admittedly this theory does not explain everything. The larger conspiracy may never be known, but almost certainly involved J Edgar Hoover, Allen Dulles, Lyndon Johnson, Theodore Shackley, and Richard Nixon.
Under hypnosis Werd revealed a strange story. The hypnotist who worked on him found that Werd would slip into a trance with ease, and noted five different successive stages of hypnosis he called Slobber 1, Slobber 2, Slobber 3, Slobber 4, and Slobber 5. The psychologist surmised that some of these hypnotic levels may have been planted to confuse other hypnotists. At Slobber 5, Werd said his name was E. Howard Hunt and that he had assassinated Kennedy, firing from the grassy knoll, then hiding in a boxcar disguised as a tramp. At Slobber 4 Werd said his name was Jimmy Hoffa. At Slobber 3 Werd said his name was Elvis Presley and he was going to Memphis. At Slobber 2 Werd would weep uncontrollably. Whenever presented with the image of Mickey Mouse he would point his gun at the picture and squeeze the trigger repeatedly. At Slobber 1 Werd would snore and mumble and drool.

In the heat a motorcade streams through the voices of spectators and the crackle of a megaphone. From a stack of cardboard boxes Werd fires his rifle three times in two seconds, reloading at the speed of light, but the third shot is his specialty. There are screams and shouts from below, but Werd recoils from the window, his rifle pointing in the air, and sniffs the air with curious horror. He does not smell gunpowder. Staring at the rifle, he realizes he has left no fingerprint. Uh-oh, he realizes, I'm not really the assassin, I'm just a... patsy. Johnny Werd wakes up in a hotel room bathed in sweat. conspiracy secret government political cause movement secret societies society

Anyone have a Photo of Johnny Werd?

Interesting story. Makes you wonder if there weren't multiple patsies set-up on 11/22/63.

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