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Biography: Dan Ryan

Dan Ryan

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I currently work in Liverpool John Moores University. I have a commercial background in international marketing in Europe and USA.

I have been interested in the assassination of President John F Kennedy since witnessing as a youth, the lack of official alarm triggered by Ruby's killing of Oswald and, later learning that Oswald got his job in theTexas Book Depository only weeks before the assassination and after it was known that JFK would be visiting Dallas. I always thought, even as an adolescant, that the route to the assassination would come via the person(s) who got Oswald his job. To subsequently find that De Mohrenshildt and Paine were connected to the intelligence community confimed to me that we were dealing with an enormous government conspiracy.

Be aware that if you lived in the 1960s and you read, you heard that Hunt and Texas Oil was involved, Cuba was in the mix and by the 1970s you also knew that George Bush Sr. had been poking around the CIA long before he became a heavyweight politician. Hence I knew something was not right and, I also learned in the 80s and 90s that my doubts were well founded.

Thanks to serious research today, I feel comfortable knowing that the conspiracy goes on, because throughout this period the people in power have maintained control. Don't ever believe that all the conspirators must be dead, so there still can't be a cover-up. As proof, watch out in November 2005 for the future Government based work to discredit D.B. Thomas's findings in his peer reviewed article published in "Science and Justice", which confirmed two shooters in Dallas. If you read Reader's Digest, you will understand.

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