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My trip to New Ross

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Today i went to JFKs ancestral home from which his great grandfather left to go to america in the 1800's . He visited Ireland in June 1963 and stopped in on his ralatives for a tea party.

JFKs trip to Ireland was a proud moment in Irish history and was the single most important visit to Ireland.

More than 500,000 came to Dublin to witness him.

I visited the Homestead and visitor centre, The JFK arboritum and national park, which is quite vast and beautiful and also the ship which bore Patrick Kennedy to America, the Dunbrody.

As I watched the footage of his trip, you could really see he was enjoying himself, indeed it was said to be the 4 happiest days of his life.

On a sad note he said these words, "I can imagine nothing more pleasant than day after day to drive through the streets of Dublin and wave- i may come back to do it" , he never was to see ireland again

In a strange co-incidence, his great grandfather died on the 22nd of November!

Here are a few lniks about the homestead and its history and a few photos.

I was cut off while uploading photos so I shall post a link when I launch my website.




Google his visit, it is really quite interesting.

I must say that my visit fills me with hope that we can catch his killers and give him justice, and I hope that these are not idle words.

Theres more to JFK than his assassination, and I think we need to constantly reming ourselves what were fighting for and not let people drag his good name through the mud, men make mistakes.

I got the impression that the inhabitants of the homestead ( all kennedy relatives) believe in a conspiracy as they sell a huge poster detailing the conspiracy. It can be found at www.whokilledjfk-wallchart.com .

Take a peek


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