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Biography: Nick Bartetzko

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Currently live in southern Utah in the USA and am retired after a 25 year career in the insurance industry. I recall very well the day JFK was assassinated. I was 12 years old and was in class in a Catholic school. The principal, a nun, came on the PA and said she had a shocking announcement to make. I recall sitting with my brother and parents watching all the proceedings over the next few days on the TV, especially when Ruby shot Oswald. My dad said it succinctly..."they had to shut him up". I really started studying the assassination in high school and have done so ever since. The evidence is clear there was a conspiracy. Countless individuals have spent money and time contacting those who was never asked to tell their story or were allowed to tell it accurately for the first time. Oliver Stone is to be commended for doing the movie and stirring interest which resulted in the AARB. The assassination is an American disgrace. I doubt that we will know much more than we do today. But the pursuit of truth is worth the effort.

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