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Military Fascists in the Early Sixties

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George E Lowe: Incidentally, I was part of a top-secret Navy team that helped create the idea that the military-industrial complex imposed a threat to America. We also worried then about fascist Christian military officers. Our team leader and hero was Admiral John McCain, father of Senator John McCain. I closed Volume Two with the last words that Admiral McCain said to me in 1960: 'We have to fight them (the Air Force and their cabal) even if we'll probably lose, because our future form of government is at stake."

Admiral McCain was very instrumental in helping me understand what was really at stake with the military. At the time, the Pentagon and the Air Force officers were trying to wage a preemptive war against Russia and China. I called them nuclear gladiators. I told the Admiral I'd do my part to prevent fascism from coming to America


When I discovered in the 1960s that there was a Navy group worried about fascism in the Pentagon, I came back to the University of Chicago and told Walter Johnson, I want to change my dissertation, which I was writing on limited war. I said I'd run into a bunch of people who were convinced that there's a fascist plot not only to take over the Pentagon -- but the world -- with a worldwide, preemptive nuclear war.

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