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Perhaps, you may not have ever heard the claims made by a man named James (Jim) C Green, in regard to the Martin Luther King Jr, killing.

First of all, I actually met and talked with Jim Green in Nov 2000, at the COPA Conference, in Dallas, where he made a presentation. I also actually saw the rifle, that is shown on the page of the first article below. ...so I do, personally know that it actually does exist.

Many of the MLK Reserchers do believe Jim Green's story. Specifically, Lyndon Barsten who is an expert on the MLK assassnation. He was also at this COPA Conference and says that everything he has checked out about Jim, has panned out. Also at this COPA Conf was Jerry Ray, James Earl Rays brother, who also believes JIm. Jim also says that he had a long talk with Dexter King and told him all that he knew of when MLK was killed.

As for my own impression of Jim Green...he was very crude and boisterous. I was sitting in a lounge area conversing with someone and had a strange thought that someone was standing behind us and that suddenly made me uneasy.

Next thing I knew, a male voice said, "I'm the guy that the FBI hired to gun down James Earl Ray." That was my initial introduction to him!!!

I did not previously know anyhing at all about him. After I got over being rather startled, my first thoughts were that he was full of crap! My next thought was, why would he just blurt out such a thing, to two strangers. I still don't know the answer to that. Although, I now suspect he was just wanting to coverse and went about it rather crudly....or maybe he just wanted to try and shock us. But mostly we reacted like..oh really, as if a joke! So, it was only later in the Conf. that we discovered who he actually was.

After hearing him tell his story and even today. I just don't know if he was telling the truth or not. So, you will just have to decide for yourselves, if his claims are true or even if even possibly true. Portions of the story does sound crddible and some parts, I am not so sure about.

Jim, wrote a book titled, "Blood and Dishonor on a Badge of Honor" This was suppose to be out very soon, but from what I understand, Jim died within the past couple of years. I don't know what happened to his book and so far, haven't been able to find out about it.

Below, I have two articles related to Jim Green. The secomd article, by CD Slelzer gives a lot more about Jim's background and how he became involved with the Martin Luther Jr killing. There are some photos and also a more printer friendly page to use.


Assassinations and Coverups #4

"M.L. King Murder A Government Plot,"

"I was part of it....."Raoul" Identified as FBI Agent Says Former CIA Participant.

Caruthersville, Missouri

by Pat Shannan



The Riverfront Times


by C.D. Stelzer May 9, 2001

Stelzer says...Jim Green, ex-con and Govt snitch says he and his buddies from the Boothill took part in the plot to kill Martin Luther King Jr. Trouble is, Green's been lying all his life, so why should we believe him now?




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From Shannan's article:

Jim Green was student at Caruthersville High when he decided that the Peace Corps would be an exciting way to see the world. At the tender age of 16, he had no way of knowing that this was a major feeding ground of the Central Intelligence Agency (he assumes that his school counselor who helped him fill out the forms did not either), but this was where the initial contact was made.

He was contacted by FBI personnel and given a thorough background check. Then a series of interesting and mysterious events began after he was accepted and was under the government's control.

Speaking as someone who was in the Peace Corps in the early 1960s, this is pure BS. First, the Peace Corps did not accept applicants out of high school. You had to have a college degree. Second, it was not "a major feeding ground" for the CIA. If you were in the Peace Corps, by federal law you could not work for the CIA until two years after your completion of service. I found this out when I talked to a CIA recruiter on campus when I went to graduate school after returning from overseas. He told me I couldn't even apply. The purpose of this law was specifically to keep the Peace Corps out of intelligence work and shield it from any such contact. This was a concern because there were always people in host countries who accused Peace Corps Volunteers of being "spies." (My stock answer was, "What do you have here to spy on?")


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Thanks Ron, that is interesting info.

I do not really recall Jim sayng anything about that in his presentaion. However, I also have no doubt, that for whatever might possibly be true, he most likely also added plenty of embellishments.


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