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Victor Marchetti and the KGB Plot

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In a previous thread I pointed out that in a footnote to the original edition of Dick Russell's book Victor Marchetti was quoted to the effect that it was a KGB group within the CIA that orchestrated the assassination.

In a post a few weeks ago John stated, to the effect, he was certain Marchetti must have changed his mind and that he John would contact him for clarification. I have no idea whether John ever dsid so.

In any event, I reread the footnote the other day and in it Marchetti was quoted (again, to the effect) that one high CIA official in the CIA thought to be a double agent was a person in the Soviet Russia Division who had an Irish sounding name. I do not think he was necessarily linking this man to the assassination.

Without branding anyone as a spy, I was curious if anyone was sufficiently familiar with the hierarchy of the CIA in 1963 to posit a guess as to whom Marchetti was refering.

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