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Hopefully you might be getting used to my odd approach to things.

Often when I follow a particular thread I begin to feel I'm entering a dark murky swamp. At the end of the faint trail is usually a door. On this little used door there is a warning to stay out.

I feel like the cow in the pic (yeah I know its not a sheep) that begins to turn and is immediately greeted with a sharp bark. Don't go there.

In this research endeavour there seem to be areas that are accepted as no go areas. Perhaps the gates have been so long there that they become part of one's psyche?  No, no you can't go there. It's not safe.

Well, my frustration is such that I don't give a s##t anymore! Next time that dog barks at me I'm going to headbutt it and go after its master. For example, I tried to find out some info on early 20th century presidents. One interesting thread brought me again and again to some insane masonic sites full of mysticism and signs, apart from all that garbage though there are some interesting statements.

I posted a question some days ago to see if anyone could give guidance on how to separate it out, fact from fiction, unfortunately, no response apparently. These threads often also bring me to various hate sites, bulletins etc. I hesitate to quote anything from these sources as so much of it is obvious nonsense. But I reckon the grass might very well be tastier behind the 'Master'.

BTW I would very much like to see the list of members of the DCC* and of the CCA* say, 1948 to 1964. If anyone can find out any information on this, I would, and possibly others be most grateful.

Yours truly, John Dolva

*see Acronym Dictionary ver 1.01

Good luck with the Masonic inquires, as I am sure you know, they are a secret society with strong prohibitions on telling outsiders anything other than the approved propaganda about being a social club formed for doing good deads.

Few people are aware that Harry Truman was not only a Mason, but a 33rd, the highest degree in Masonry. Remember Harry's 'Whistle Stop" tour when he gave speeches from the back of a train to the public? When those were done, in dozens of different towns across America, he met secretly with the local Masons. These men had the power to swing many votes in their communities.

My long gone Masonic grandfather once told me that it was the Masons who stopped Dewey and reelected Truman.

Good hunting.

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I'm actually not looking at the Masonic angle, (but not discounting those who do) but rather trying to say what William and Jim says so much better in "New Approach".

In a sense, the allegorical 'sheep' and the 'scary fence at the end of the path beyond which the grass is greener' represents the 'researcher' and 'the difficulty in shattering preconceptions to get to the truth'.

- (btw the deletion by me at this time of a number of postings (starting with the earliest), with the intent of deleating everything (which is a bit of a task, when dealing with thousands of postings.) was one of a couple of intents, not carried through, of dealing with precicely this frustration.)

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