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Percy Foreman

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Many of you will be familiar with Percy Foreman, the well known lawyer who won hundreds of cases for a lot of no hopers. Only two of his clients were ever given the death penalty.

Anyhow I though that it was worth pointing out the part which he played in the martin Luther King conspiracy. James Earl Ray hired Foreman as his lawyer after having bad relations with his previous legal counsel who were trying to get a book deal out of Ray. Foreman convinced Ray that he would surely be sent to the chair if he didn't confess to the King killing and that he would be let out early.

Ray went along with it and shortly after signing the confession retracted it.

Foreman had hired a woman by the name of Glenda Grabow who had known the man described by Ray as 'Raoul'. Foreman told Grabow that he knew Raoul and that a conspiracy existed, he told her that the sacrifice of Ray was necessary for her and the countries well being.

Who else did Foreman represent in his time at the bar?

None other than Mr.Jack Ruby(for the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald) and Mr.Charles Harrelson. Mr.Foreman was obviously well connected in the way of helping out hoodlums.

If that doesn't tell you that there was a conspiracy in the MLK case , I don't know what will. The fact that the defendants lawyer admits there was a conspiracy, that he knew at least one of the conspirators and that he forced an innocent man to confess.


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