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I have always believed since the 1960's that the major assassinations of that era (JFK, Malcolm X, MLK and RFK) were conspiracies, that, to some degree intertwined with the apparatus of government. I believe that for, whatever reason the ensuing decades since then make it patently clear that the national media has for the most part, offered a de facto assent to the conclusions officially sanctioned by the Warren Commission, which, in itself presents a disturbing aspect to a culture that claims to cherish 'family values,' Which beg's the question, 'Isn't truth the greatest value we should posess?'

At one time in the early 1990's I was personally involved in researching the assassination of Pres. Kennedy, I was taking notes from an extensive collection of books, saw firsthand the DPD files that were "discovered" then, including the arrest reports for 11/22/63 which were central to the discovery that there are still a plethora of un-answered questions regarding all of the above cited assassinations, although I believe the assassination of Martin Luther King has finally been resolved to a great deal. I find the Education Forum - JFK Debate to be on the cutting edge in resolving, still un-deciphered aspects of the John F. Kennedy assassination. The time is past for accepting the status quo of mainstream media's attempt to keep the 'genie in the bottle' concerning what was one of the most important events in the 20th Century. It should be obvious to anyone who believes there is a connection between the events of November 22, 1963 and the ensuing litany of scandal's on up to the 'Post 9-11 World' of the 21st Century that 'time is running out' not only to keep 'unresolved issues' (of which the assassinations of the 1960's are but just one) from disappearing from the nation's conciousness, indeed if it has not for the most part already. I have a great respect for all the individuals who want America and the world to know the truth about the death of a President who I believe, may have kept the world from becoming a nuclear hell.

The words 'National Security' will become meaningless across the entire world, when, and if, it is used to obstruct justice and the right's of the people to know the truth about what goes on in their own country, and who collectively, are the governed.

After 43 years, we, as a nation, must all remember that the cycles of history repeat themselves, phrases from the lexicon of generations past such as, 'the common good' have gave way to what Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. entitled 'The Disuniting of America.'

When profound issues face America and the World, and America is in danger of accepting illusion as history, and history as illusion, there must be a engaged, enlightened and activist citizenry to question the intellectual development of a nation that fosters production of video games depicting the murder's of President's and think's nothing of it.

Edited by Robert Howard
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