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My apologies, but someting has been seriously troubling me for some time and I didn't know exactly where to vent it. Perhaps this is only a pet peeve of mine, but I think that it is of terrific significance to what is happening in the world. A something that I have never seen the U.S. press mention.

Why are not Russia and China, two of the worlds largest countries, not called upon in the effort to aid underveloped countries? This is not a U.N. problem, or an American or European Community problem.....it is a problem that is facing the entire world. Why are they seemingly exempt from humanitarian obligations yet their desires in other world affairs are given great consideration?

It may not be realized in the world community, and the U.S. press makes absolutely no effort to expose it, but there is terrific poverty within the U.S. There "LITERALLY" are thousands of elderly Americans that are actually DYING because they are forced to decide between food & electricity or buying the prescription drugs neccessary to keep them alive. This is not an exageration or over amplification. It is absolutely hard fact! Will the press ever tell you? Of course not! The recent impact of NAFTA and other trade agreements have seriously worsened the problem and seem to be well on their way to the further destruction of the middle class in the U.S.

What finally pushed me somewhat over the edge, was that yesterday I shopped in Wall Mart (that great American success story), and when examining my purchases upon my return home, I discovered that of the nine items that I purchased, seven were manufactured in China, one in Sri Lanka, and one in the good old U.S. Folks there is something seriously wrong with my countries leadership.

But back to my original point. Why is there no true effort among the world powers to truly SHARE (not token promises) in the worlds problems and their solutions?

I truly believe that the answer lies in the true plans of the NEW WORLD ORDER, the logic of which we are not privy to.

This world plan is also the reason that the U.S. makes mininmal efforts, even in the wake of serious terrorist activities, to guard its borders.

We are expending more at the borders of Iraq than those in the U.S. The answer IMHO is that with one world government, borders are not neccessary!

Thanks for your indulgence.

Charlie Black

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Charlie, as you say, perhaps an 'off topic', but there was probably a shift in power at the JFK assassination which we now have to live with. So perhaps not so 'off'.

Mother Theresa on leaving the US after a visit was asked by a reporter, rather smugly I suspect, what she thought of the USA, she said something to the effect that in all the world she has not been to a country that has more poor people. I wonder if she meant that for example someone who has 60 billion dollars and still wants more must be a very poor person indeed, especially as she would have seen satisfied smiles on child beggars in the slums of India. Certainly there are also genuinly poor and homeless in the US. The world market is driven by inequality, if everyone was satisfied, no body would want more than what they already have. Peace may be hazardous to economic growth according to some, 'divide and rule' is as true today as 2500 years ago.


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