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It may be of some advantage to note that the survey stationing number for Z-313 is listed correctly at 4+65.3 feet.

This happens to be about 30 feet "short" of the impact position for the third shot fired in the assassination which struck four feet from stationing 5+00.

Z-312/313 is, was, and will always remain the second shot fired in the shot sequence.

The WC expended 10 pages of circular reasoning in describing "The Shot That Missed".

In reality, there was no shot that missed, and if they wanted to know where it impacted, all that they had to do was ask the U.S. Secret Service, or else not remove the photographic evidence of their work and disguise their survey plat in another location.

And yes! Mr. West utilized the exact same beginning point for the SS re-enactment as he did for the WC re-enactment.

The WC "overacted" their presentation that Z-312/313 was the final shot.

My primary question being exactly why anyone would believe anything which the WC had to say on the subject.


P.S. Politicians, not unlike magicians, can make things disappear.

P.P.S. Mr. Altgens & Mr. Hudson will also tell one about the third/last/final shot.

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