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They should have asked!

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Since the WC appears to have had considerably difficulty in establishment of the exact position of JFK at the time of the first shot, then, they should have asked:

1. Time/Life: As they seem to have little difficulty in location of the position of JFK at the time of impact of this shot.


2. The U.S. Secret Service:* As they too appear to have had little difficulty in establishment of the position of JFk at the time of the first shot.

* There is a minor difference between the Time/Life and the SS positions.

Time/Life established a position that correlates with approximately Z-204/206.

The U.S. Secret Service, as well as the FBI later version establishes the point at Z-210.

Nevertheless, one must ask, exactly how is it that either Time/Life or the U.S. Secret Service could see something in the Z-film, which of this date is mostly blocked by the road sign we now see.

What an enigma!

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