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Dallas Police Department Shot JFK

Guest Eugene B. Connolly

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Guest Eugene B. Connolly

Did DPD or rogue elements within the DPD - in league with

the Mafia - conspire and succeed in assassinating President Kennedy?

1/ Means:

The police had all necessary information

to execute the assassination plan. Time, place. manner.

They had the necessary know how and weaponry to accomplish the deed.

2/ Motive:

Several possible motives......

3/ Opportunity:

The DPD had all necessary information on

President Kennedy's visit weeks in advance.

"But who is to guard the angels themselves.... " (Juvenal)


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Hi Eugene

I would like to see you develop your theory some more but here is my initial reaction.

Under "Motives" all you say is "Several possible motives......" leaving us hanging. However, this is where such a theory would appear to fall down since it is hard to see why anyone in the Dallas Police Department might have such a huge motive to bump off Kennedy. Neither would Dallas have the tentacles to reach into the Federal government and Washington DC to alter or disappear evidence, the apparent problem with the Castro or mafia scenarios also.

All the best


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Hello Eugene

I have for some time believed that elements of DPD were vey much involved at least in the Oswald murder. I feel that they not only admitted him to the garage, but I feel that "Big Dallas Money" which controlled nearly every segment of Dallas politics was offered to Ruby thru elements of the DPD. I think that the offer of really big money and the guarantee of a lenient sentence and immortal prominence as a hero could very well have done the trick.

I don't buy into the mob using Ruby because they were far too smart to implicate themselves. We can be assured that Ruby didn't risk a death sentence in an effort to ease the burden on Mrs. Kennedy.

I believe that Ruby could have been pretty easily persuaded, in the light of the political climate in Dallas at the time, that the judge could be bought as well as the jury. The amount of money may have seemed to be worth the risk. All that he had to do was shoot the rat that had killed the President, and become a rich hero. He would have felt safe in the hands of his friends the DPD and safely padded by the power and money of the big boys in Dallas.

When the feds officially took over the case, his world was turned upside down and he wanted to "get the hell out of Dodge".

He couldn't tell Warren anything as long as he was in Dallas custody because it would have been too easy to have become another "suicide victim" hanging in his Dallas cell. I can pretty much imagine his panic and utter despair.

He was then kept quiet with the guarantee that another trial would free a rich Jack Ruby.

But then he unfortunately found himself to be a victim of "cancer?". Of course by this time all of the players in the cover up were firmly entrenched.

The big Texas money got bigger. The military and the CIA got their war, military industry flourished and a Texan was the top dog with little bulldog Hoover beside him.

I guess there were quite a few who thought this a pretty happy ending!

Charlie Black

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