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IRA ends war with Britain

John Simkin

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Yesterday the IRA declared that its war against Britain was over. All IRA units were ordered to "dump arms". The IRA also vowed to complete its long-running decommissioning process as quickly as possible.

In return, Tony Blair ordered the release of the Shankill bomber, Sean Kelly. Nine people killed in the attack in Shankill in October 1993. He is only the last of a large number of terrorists released on the orders of Blair.

Over the last few days Blair has made several speeches claiming he will not to deals with terrorists. In fact, he will not even enter into a dialogue with these terrorists who claim that they are acting in this way because UK troops are in Iraq.

I am confused. Is it right or wrong to negotiate with terrorists? Is it a moral policy or is a pragmatic policy? Or is it about political spin. Does it all depend on if the policy goes down well with “swing” voters?

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