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Attached is that portion of the WC/Survey Plat which deals with the location of the third shot.

It is of course noted that the indication of this shot, as presented previously on the 12/5/63 SS Survey Plat, is now deleted.

This portion of the plat covers an area very close to that shown in the photograph which Robin Unger posted, as provided by Lee Forman, as well as that area in the photograph which shows Mary Moorman and Jean Hill sitting on the grass with the steps and walkway in the backgrond.

In addition:

a. all three of the yellow marks on the Elm St. curb are shown.

b. I have scaled in the positions of Mary Moorman at the first yellow mark as well as that of James Altgens at the second yellow mark.

The scale on this survey plat was 1-inch = 10 feet.

With this, it can be determined that it is approximately 21-22 feet from Mr. Altgens position to stationing 4+95.

It is approximately 38-39 feet from Mr. Altgens position to impact of the head shot at Z-313.

Mr. Altgens clearly testifies as to when he observed the impact of the shot to the head which he observed, and he stated that he was just raising his camera to his eye when the impact occurred and blood and debris were blown to the left in his direction.

The Z-film which we now have demonstrates exactly when Mr. Altgens was raising the camera to his eyes.

From his position, Mr. Altgens could not have observed the headshot at Z-313 due to the limousine and it's occupants blocking his view.

He most assuredly could not have had blood and cerebral tissue blown directly towards him from the Z-313 head shot.

Across the street from James Altgens position, lies the concrete steps and walkway which leads to the stockade fence. The northern edge of that flat portion of this concrete walkway which intersects with the Elm St. sidewalk is directly adjacent to the 415 elevation contour of Elm St.

For information, the yellow stripes were 3-feet in length and the scaled distance from edge of one to edge of the other comes to 42.5 feet.

Edited by Thomas H. Purvis
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