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I had read the speculation that it was Cain.

Where was he when Balletti blew the job?

In "Harlot's Ghost" Mailer has Rosselli speculate that Giancana deliberately blew the operation.

In the late October early November period, Cain was in Miami which is where Harrison departed for Las Vegas.

Balletti denied that Harrison was Cain.



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I was looking through the FBI reports on Rosselli today (the ones available on-line are heavily redacted) and the FBI wondered whether Rosselli was Harrison. The FBI went so far as to compare a Harrison signature with the Rosselli signature when he registered at the Kenilworth Hotel in Miami Beach. The results were inconclusive.

Anyone know whether Balletti (or Dubois for that matter) is still alive? (not that I suspect either had any involvement in or even has information about the assassination.)

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