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Mike Regan

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The reason I've joined John Simkin's "Education Forum" is to create an awareness with regard to research I've done on the JFK assassination. To present what I believe, with absolute certainty, is the truth... And to express a concern I have that the crime has never been left in the hands of the appropriate law enforcement agency. Bearing in mind that it was NOT a Federal crime to shoot a President in 1963 and that there is no statute of limitation on murder, the ultimate responsibility toward resolution was then, and remains to date, the responsibility of the Dallas Police Department.

What was the initial motivation...? Had just turned fifteen when President John Kennedy was assassinated and, having spent a childhood reading the Hardy Boys novels (Usually while under a blanket with a flash light when I should have been sleepin'), took an interest in the case and when the Warren Commission came out with their 26 book report in '64 I shelled out about $3.00 of caddy bucks for the condensed version. It was a Saturday afternoon when I walked through the door with the copy. My dad, watching some sports in the living room, asked what I was up to and, when I told him, asked further if he could borrow it later on. Said sure and headed to my room for some interesting reading. Gave it to my dad two or three days later and who, after spending a few days on it, tossed it back to me with the words, "They're full of malarkey..."

Thus began a rather long search of my own to find the truth... If you go to either the 'MSN' or "BING" search engine, type in the key words, James Jarman, Jr., Assassin, you will find that my decades old search (And research...) led to just that... The truth

Sincere regards,


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