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War on Terrorism

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"Those who demand their freedom and believe they are not bound to respect any law cause the doors of divine world to close before them, and one day the earth's doors will close before them as well. Someone will say: 'But I bow neither before God nor human beings, and no doors have closed to me; I am received everywhere.' This is because you are blind, my friend; you cannot see that the doors on high are already closed to you, and that those below will close to you as well. This will take some time, of course, because consequences do not appear immediately. First, a kind of decree is voted on in the world above, but a certain amount of time elapses before it is put into effect below. With their theories about freedom, people who accept neither moral nor spiritual authority close themselves to everything that could help them, and they are adrift without compass or protection. They do not see the physical and psychic dangers that threaten them, and they lead one another to destruction."

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

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