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Fanaticism, a negation of true religion  

Roger Schreiver

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« Some people are so convinced that God's good name is under attack that they are always taking up arms in His defence. As though the Lord were a weakling who needed to be defended! Well, this is what they seem to think: they go in fear and trembling that His reputation might be besmirched and are ready to defend it at all costs, so they issue their anathemas and persecute and burn and massacre. Why do they never ask the Lord what He thinks about it? They ought to begin by asking His permission:

- "Look at all these unbelievers, heretics and blasphemers, Lord; may we punish them? May we burn them at the stake or cut off their heads?"


But they don't pray or ask the Lord what He thinks about it. They don't want to ask because they are not sincere. The Lord is Love and they have no desire to hear His answer:

- "No, leave them alone. It's none of your business! If they are really wicked they will come to a bad end without any help from you."


In spite of their claim to take up arms in defence of the Lord, they don't really care a jot for what He thinks about it. Do you really believe that these people are defending the Lord? Not a bit of it! They are simply defending their own affairs, their own prestige, influence and authority. What hypocrisy!

If they really wanted to defend the Lord they should do as He does and manifest patience and love. »

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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