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Sorry about that. Here's the article

Auto dealer, race car owner Jack Pagan dies of cancer

By Jaime Powell Caller-Times

September 10, 2005

Local car dealer John "Jack" Pagan, 76, who died Thursday of complications from cancer, was a businessman and daredevil speedster with old-school manners, a quietly wicked sense of humor and a love for friends, family and sports.

Pagan moved to Corpus Christi in 1958 and opened Pagan-Lewis Motors. He sold cars while raising a family, making friends and indulging a host of hobbies, said his son, Allan Pagan.

Jack pagan

1929: Born in Houston June 12, 1929.

1958: He opened Pagan-Lewis Motors, a Lincoln-Mercury dealership, one of the oldest dealerships in the city.

Pagan raced Formula Libre and sports racing cars throughout the 1960s.

1960s: Pagan was involved in numerous business ventures, including the development of the Pharaohs Country Club.

1992: He established Pagan Racing after purchasing two Indy open-wheel race cars. The team qualified for the Indianapolis 500 every year for the next eight years.

1995: The No. 21 Pagan Racing car

finished fifth at the Indianapolis 500.

1999: The No. 21 Pagan Racing car

finished second at the Indianapolis 500.

"He was just a super-nice guy," said Tony Carbone, a friend for more than 30 years.

Although Pagan was an avid scuba diver, photographer, big-game hunter, pilot, golfer and sports car racer through the years, he was perhaps best known as the owner of Pagan Racing. The racing team qualified cars for the Indianapolis 500 beginning in 1992 and finished in fifth place in 1995 and second in 1999.

"Probably the most vibrant memory of him I have was the look on his face when I pointed up at the tower listing that we were in the lead," Allan Pagan said. "It was like he was a little boy."

George Finley, a local businessman who was Pagan's friend for 38 years, reminisced about several sides of his friend. He knew the quiet gentleman who held doors for women, he knew the fun-loving guy who had the coolest cars, including a Pantera and a DeLorean, and he remembers the stories of Pagan's youth.

"When he was younger, he was a wild guy, a helluva guy," Finley said. "He had mellowed a good bit by the time we started hanging out but when he was in high school he was a rebel, a James Dean in his time. He was also a tough businessman and Jack was a very dear friend of mine. He was extremely low-key, very much a stealth player politically. I loved the guy."

Pagan is survived by his wife of 55 years, Shirley, his daughter, Leah, his son, Allan C. Pagan II, and two brothers, Robert and Charles Pagan.

Funeral services will be 3 p.m. Monday at Seaside Funeral Home with private entombment at Seaside Memorial Park.

Contact Jaime Powell at 886-3716 or powellj@caller.com powellj@caller.

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