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From the September 24 New York Times:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Paul Wolfowitz, in his first policy speech to member countries as World Bank president, called for tangible results from bank programs to fight poverty, setting a new course for an institution its critics say has lost its way.

In a speech on Saturday to the main policy-setting committees of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, Wolfowitz gave the first clear presentation of how he will lead the world's main development agency over the next five years.

Wolfowitz laid out an agenda that sharpens the priorities of the bank, which critics say has deviated too far from its main mission of reducing poverty and become too mired in bureaucracy.

The Bush administration's pick to head the bank said he will promote anti-corruption measures, accountability, good governance, women's empowerment, education, health, increased infrastructure and agriculture.

``Whether investing in education, health, infrastructure, agriculture, the environment, we in the World Bank must be sure that we deliver results,'' Wolfowitz told world finance ministers and central bankers.

``And by results, let me be clear. I mean results that have a real impact in the day-to-day lives of the poor. We stand accountable to them,'' he added, responding to a long-standing U.S. government objective that was a source of friction between former World Bank president James Wolfensohn and the Bush Treasury Department.

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Today when I came home from my teaching I was able to read a long article published by Financial Times (the thick FT Weekend is always stowed away in my home, seldom given attention right on Sunday morning when it’s delivered) about Paul Wolfowitz, a president of World Bank.

The articles name; “Loan wolf” tell the recent story of Wolfowitz new carrier.

It starts with introduction; “He is not impressed with all his top staff. He’s already offended some African leaders with his tough talk on corruption and he admits he’s got a lot to learn about his new post. ………..

At least I who did caught glimpses of Wolfowitz name when war on Iraq was debated and described got a better knowledge of the chap by this article, which can be read somehow shortened at:


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