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Machiavelli and the JFK assassination

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I posted this on my forum at http://s10.invisionfree.com/KennedyAssassi...hp?showtopic=52


I thought that I would share it with a larger group of members.

All the best


For those unfamiliar with Niccolo Machiavelli, he was a 15th and 16th centruy politician in the Florentine republic who also wrote political books, including his most famous piece 'The Prince'.

In 'The Prince' Machiavelli describes the various types of principalities, how they are aquired and how they are retained by the new ruler.

I would like to apply some of Machiavellis work to the assassination of John F Kennedy.

I am basing this thread on the assumtion that the assassination of JFK was part of a coup d'etat.

Machiavelli argues that to come to power one must have the support of either the people or the nobility (The wealthy and powerful), One can not come to power by themselves alone. There was certainly no mandate by the people to have JFK removed from office so we must therefore conclude that the nobility that were opposed to Kennedy rule gave the backing for his removal.

After a successful coup d'etat the new prince or in this case president must act quickly to consolidate his power and not give the supporters of the old prince the chance to regroup or question his rule. The family of the former prince must either be liquidated or thrown out of the Kingdom. I will now demonstrate how this was achieved. Lyndon Johnson quickly assumed the presidency on the day of Kennedys death on air force one in the company of the late presidents wife. From the day of the assassination the new president begins to call all of the top men in the government and relevant agencies- Hoover, Katzenbach etc. Robert Kennedy is effectively made a lame duck as attorney general in the absence of his brother and the new regime under LBJ. Years later as the previous dynasty (RFK) threatens to return to the throne he is killed and not allowed to take power. As in the society of the 16th centruy and as in the society of today the people are not told the truth with regard to those who oppose the governments power.

Machiavelli argues that usually the kin of a former ruler attempting to regain power is eaither quashed by a republic or by a rival family or faction. Republic in this sense may simply mean a group of men, not elected intent on keeping power.

Robert Kennedy is removed from the political situation, as is Ted Kennedy after the Chappaquiddick incident which leaves no-one to carry on the dynasty for some years to come.

Because the character assassination of JFK continues to go on until this day and his death is denied as a state murder by the government, one must conclude that the same people that took power in 1963 are in still in power today and that the truth regarding his assassination will only come out with the change of the current regime.

Machaivelli argues that three things influence the ability of a prince to come to power, His own cunning, the support of others and fate which can be manipulated for a short period of time, but which will always backfire and fate will once again take its normal course.

Please feel free to add any Machiavellian similarities with the Assassination of JFK.

John Geraghty

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Guest Stephen Turner

Hi John. This makes a good companion piece to a thread I started some time ago. "JFK and vested interest groups." I have joined your forum today, and when time permits will post the "gist" of it there, with your permission, all the best Steve.

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