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off-topic historical studies by Jack White

Jack White

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The JFK assassination, govt conspiracies, Apollo and 911 are not

my only historical interests.

For many years I have collected historical photos of my hometown,

Fort Worth, Texas. I now have a website which supports my

various photostudies. Some of you may be interested in

learning things about Texas, so visit....


Eventually, some of the studies will show Hotel Texas, which

DOES have a JFK connection.


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Thanks, Tim. I think others interested in history or photography might

enjoy looking also. During the past forty years I collected hundreds

of old Fort Worth photos. About ten years ago I donated my collection

to a local university, including all the vintage photos as well as about

10,000 images which I took or had made by professionals. I could

have sold the collection for a good sum, but I prefered to put the images

somewhere that they could be enjoyed and used by future historians.


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