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Is Francis Fruge Still Alive ?

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Good Day.... Is Louisiana State Trooper FRANCIS FRUGE still alive?

Thank You.

Don Roberdeau

U.S.S. John F. Kennedy, CV-67, "Big John," Plank Walker

Sooner, or later, the Truth emerges Clearly






T ogether

E veryone

A chieves

M ore



"Because of the photograph taken by AP photographer James Altgens seeming to show a rifle shaped object protruding from the second floor window of the Dal-Tex building, several Warren report critics (including myself) felt that was a probably a firing point for one or two shots. The committee has made available to me the original Altgens negative. Using my technique of vario-density eynexing, I was able to enhance the image in the window to the point of clarity where window is now identifiable as a black man leaning the window sill with both hands, and with no gun in view."

---- ROBERT GRODEN, his HSCA-documented comments about the panels

report, 1979 http://jfkassassination.net/russ/infojfk/jfk6/grodn.htm

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Don, I'm sure Joan Mellen will be able to answer that....I don't find any interviews of Fruge

by her referenced in the book (but I only did a quick one handed search). Joan did interview

the lady who worked with Fruge on his Clinton investigations (among other things) in 2001,

that would be Anne Dischler.

Joan's interviews with Dischler are excellent and Dischler's information is extremely

valuable and corrborative of the Clinton incident.

-- very good stuff, Larry

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Hi Larry.... Thank You.


The third action I completed after posting here was to email JOAN about FRUGE and obtaining an autographed copy of her new book. :lol:

Does JOAN reference the 20NOV63 Assistant Coroner of St. Landry Parish, Doctor F. J. DeROUEN?

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Don, she does, he is mentioned on page 206....the text states that he signed the commitment

papers which were required for Fruge to drive Rose C. to East La. State hospital.

Just for reference on this subject, another person who spent a good deal of time

in this area is Jim Olivier ...he has some very interesting remarks about Fruge,

Dischler and the Cheramie incident and has spoken at Lancer on this.

If you happen to be coming to Dallas this year Jim will be attending, if not I'd

still suggest you try to get in touch with him.

-- Larry

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