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Z-Film (for Alan)

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Were I highly involved in looking for items in the Z-film which may serve as an indicator that all is "not right", then there are several items on which I would probably concentrate.

One such item being the horizontal alignment of the bottom edge of the exposed section of the film in relationship to items within the film itself.

It that regard, one will note that beginning at approximately Z-275/276, the horizontal alignment of the exposure window of the film begins to correlate in an almost direct plane with the top of the doors/chrome strips of the Presidential Limousine.

This virtually perfect alignment of the bottom edge of the picture window with the horizontal alignment with the top of the doors continues until approximately frame# 329 of the film, for a total of 53 exposed frame, or approximately 2.89 seconds.

In this regard, one must recall that Mr. Zapruder is standing on a flat pedestal, whereas the Presidential Limousine is travelling on a downward slope of approximately 3-degrees.

Therefore, in order for Mr. Zapruder to have captured this picture image within his camera, he would have had to carried his viewing through the camera at the exact 3-degree tilt of either his head/eye/camera, and he would have had to maintain this absolutely EXACT same tilt as he followed the Presidential Motorcade through this 2.89 second period.

ONLY 2.89 seconds, most would say!

Perhaps those who have a better foundation in making home movies from hand held positions can offer further input as regards the liklihood that one could "pan" and maintain this EXACT and virtually perfect alignment.

As to my limited experience, it would seem quite unlikely.


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