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The Guardian (circulation 475,000) published an article about the Forum today. For those outside the UK, the Guardian is one of our leading newspapers.


I know the Forum has several members who are journalists. I hope you will consider writing about our activities. I think this idea of bringing together a group of journalists, historians, and researchers to study the past is a stimulating idea (something I would call community intelligence).


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Very nice article, John.



In another thread, John wrote (about me):

No. You are not bright enough to display intellectual courage. In your case it is just plain stupidity.

I shall leave it for the readers to judge which of the two of us is the gentleman. I don't need to prove my intellect; that John would write a comment like that, IMO, will only tarnish his reputation!

And my complement on the article and what John has accomplished is sincere.

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Guest Stephen Turner

John, and Andy congratulations, a fine achievement. It was somewhat strange yesterday on arriving home from work, to pick up my Guardian from the hall, and read about the ED Forum. well done. Steve.

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