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Biography: Michael Crane

Michael Crane

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I am currently working in the construction field. I am a Journeyman Glazier that lives in Manteca, Ca. I have been following John`s (and Robert`s) assassination for almost two decades. I can`t tell you how many books that I have read on the assassination but, it`s easily over 10.

I have a burning desire to see our Government officials (including ex-Presidents) held accountable for their actions.I have my own theory on the assassination & I am more interested now in the cover-up, then I am with the assassins.

I am most intrigued by the medical evidence.I have read David Lifton`s book "Best Evidence" which I find has the most detail on the assassination itself.

I hope that information that I have provided, will insure me as a quality forum member with a little information/opinion that I can contribute.

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