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Cuba after Castro

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Today there was an article in a Swiss newspaper that speculated about the health of the Maximo Leader Fidel Castro, stating that according to a CIA report (?) Castro suffers from Parkinson-Syndrome at the very last stage and as “The Miami Herald” writes, the US-Government and members of the Senate were informed about Castro’s serious health condition.

I think the dead of Castro will not only change the Cuban Government it will also change the political system. Could this maybe become an opportunity for researchers getting access to Cuban documents concerning the time JFK was assassinated?

Could finally Castro’s death become a threat for those who still try to hide themselves and the truth as well?

On the other hand what are the chances that a new Cuba would agree to release any documents (if existing) concerning Kennedy’s assassination when good relations to its neighbours become essential to successfully develop the country and to fight poverty?


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Guest Matt Allison

When Castro dies, his brother Raul will take over. However, Raul is an alcoholic and nowhere near as effective a leader as Maximo Fidel.

Just as Tom Clancy predicted, I think you'll see a battle for Cuba in 2007. I think it'll be short though, more like what Rumsfeld predicted for Iraq.

I doubt anything of any significance will be found concerning the JFK hit. If so, it will likely be embarrassing to the CIA, so we'll never see it anyway.


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