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  1. Hi folks It's been a long time and I'm far away from being up to date concerning your work here. So therefore I hope you will forgive me if my question might seems a little obsolete. I was just watching a program last night that dealt with the JFK assassination and to my very surprise, the documentation ended very unusual. They claim that there is proof that Carlos Marcellos has given the order to kill JFK and that this statement was recorded 1985, witnessed by a FBI agent (Seemed somehow familiar). The other thing they said was that there is no question that JFK was killed in a crossfire and that at least 5 bullets were fired. LHO was one of them the other(s) are still unknown. Earl Warren did not want to accept the single bullet theory but gave in after LBJ had drawn a picture, that in case ties to cuba or a conspiracy including cuba was found it could end with up to 40 million death americans. Even if the story is cold coffee the bottomline is that there was a conspiracy and this has never been, as far as I remember, stressed out that way in a tv-program. (ZDF is one of the german national tv stations.) http://www.zdf.de/ZDFde/inhalt/6/0,1872,7001670,00.html I think that's enough bothering you George
  2. Lee Steve is right; the pages actually come from this side http://www.us-politik.ch/ It is an interesting overview of many historical events of and related to the US, like organised crime and the dark ways of the different American agencies. For someone who has no deeper knowledge of the Kennedy assassination it certainly will produce enough doubts to reject the WC result and therefore it’s a good thing. But you won’t find anything that has not been published before and some information’s are far from being correct others completely false. FWIW George
  3. Not only Britain. If you look at the media in general, Europe is a completely different world compared to the USA. I often wonder what all this – keeping up appearances - is for, who they think actually believes it and whom such a thing really serves? Why would a country treat its citizens like a bunch of five year old children except the purpose to prepare them for any future abuse? Could it be that if you grow up in such a “perfect-world” you might swallow any fabricated truth easier when it comes to it? When it first started with this....beeping-psychosis… I thought, it will only be a temporary thing and vanish within a couple of months, but wrong. The prohibition of the four letter words became the eleventh commandment which seems to be the bigger issue then the environmental problems. So if a country does not even allow its media to audio the way its own people talk what kind of an impression will such a thing create? This you can not really call a free society can you? But maybe the nature of your question was only sarcasm and I wasn’t f.....g realising it.
  4. You should not forget the under dogs and that's why I say we, Switzerland, are going to win this time! I see you all laughing but who of you did think that Greece would win the Euro 2004??? I'm sure nobody! So you should not underestimate our Köbi Kuhn who is a hell of a strategic coach. He went to Athens several times within the last few months and came back, his pockets filled with secrets he discovered. Some sources, who used to be well informed said that the entire team only ate Greek cusine for the last couple of weeks. It is for example known that Feta cheese made their legs so strong and agile like the ones of the goats its milk the cheese is made of. So they now can run for more than two hours without breathing and instead of sweat they transpire now a new sort of olive oil. Finally not to forget the psychological effect it will has when they all will enter the stadium disguised as Greek Gods! But before you think I completely lost my mind or that I’m already drunk even the World Cup hasn’t started yet, my tip is... SPAIN, olé
  5. Hi Jim found this information quite useful concerning the "Tsar Bomba" George http://nuclearweaponarchive.org/Russia/TsarBomba.html
  6. Nat, I totally agree, great song and great lyrics. For those who haven't heart it. Waves of Grain by Timbuk3 It was a nice clean assassination The gunman slipped through immigration Like the gentle wind that swept the plain And ruffled over waves of grain Sailing safely out of sight On board the next connecting flight The gunman smiled, he felt no pain So high above the waves of grain Then someone snatched the video-8 From the hands of a tourist at the gate And soon a blast on board the plane Sent it crashing into the waves of grain The blown up stills told the story Large as life in all its glory A man's face in the 29th frame Appeared within the waves of grain Now the pictures have been confiscated The tourist was incarcerated The drugs they gave him numbed his brain Now all he sees are waves of grain Now rummaging through the ravaged rubble I wonder is it worth the trouble? Does the slightest trace of truth remain Running through the waves of grain...
  7. Well, that's maybe not the way history will remember it... George
  8. How much economical effect could a change from the Petrodollar to the Euro have in the United States? I found this quite an interesting aspect that is rarely heard or read in the media. Is this something the Americans are aware of or do the think this is nothing to worry about? Therefore I posted the following link. http://www.energybulletin.net/12125.html
  9. Good luck Graham and as you may know humor can be medicine too ! George
  10. You can't be serious, Andy. Certainly you must see the importance of someone like Irving telling the holocaust deniers that he was wrong. In my opinion someone like him has more credibility than Simon Wiesenthal. Because he was blind, but now can see, those who are still blind might trust him... In the U.S. George Wallace publicly apologized for his mistakes regarding civil rights and became somewhat of a hero. His being so wrong for so long made his change of heart an important event. I think Irving should be sentenced to community service: lecturing troubled teens in white power gangs about the clear evidence for the holocaust. Do you really think justice will be served by them putting him behind bars? Denying the holocaust should not be tolerated but I agree with Pat that putting Irving behind bars does not solve the problem. On the other hand and I want this to get clear I’m not an Anti-Semite but the attention given to the crimes in the WWII are to me in no proportion to all the other crimes done to other people of other ethnic origins in history. It must be very hard for those who had suffered the same obliteration but never ever got only a fraction of attention, apology and reparation. History seems to have different half-life periods of different events and as I stated in another thread, I do not see the difference of the horrible crimes committed but I do see a difference in dealing with these events.
  11. Hi Sherry, I've seen and read your analyse (at Lancer) of the Tippit shooting concerning the bloodstain pattern. As I understand your work I’d like you to ask you one question? Does the well known scenario that Tippit was shot by Oswald in order to avoid getting arrested matches with your experience of crime scenes that may had similar circumstances? George
  12. William, as for the scope, here is the testymony of Seymour Weitzman on April 1, 1964. Mr. BALL - And the wooden portion of the rifle was what color? Mr. WEITZMAN - It was a brown, or I would say not a mahogany brown but dark oak brown. Mr. BALL - Rough wood, was it? Mr. WEITZMAN - Yes, sir; rough wood. Mr. BALL - And it was equipped with a scope? Mr. WEITZMAN - Yes, sir. Mr. BALL - Was it of Japanese manufacture? Mr. WEITZMAN - I believe it was a 2.5 Weaver at the time I looked at it. I didn't look that close at it; it just looked like a 2.5 but it turned out to be a Japanese scope, I believe. Mr. BALL - Didn't you, when you went over to the railroad yard, talk to some yardman? Mr. WEITZMAN - I asked a yardman if he had seen or heard anything during the passing of the President. He said he thought he saw somebody throw something through a bush and that's when I went back over the fence and that's when I found the portion of the skull. I thought it was a firecracker portion; that's what we first were looking for. This was before we knew the President was dead. Mr. BALL - Did the yardman tell you where he thought the noise came from? Mr. WEITZMAN - Yes, sir; he pointed out the wall section where there was a bunch of shrubbery and I believe that's to the right where I went over the wall where the steampipe was; that would be going north back toward the jail. the following is from E.C. Dorsch Jr. who did some work on this issue. This segment of testimony seriously compromises Seymour Weitzman. I have had the benefit of inspecting a Mannlicher Carcano M91/38 carbine fitted with the same model of Ordinance Optics scope as C2766. This scope bears the following information in highly readable white print against the black cylinder of the scope: 4 x 18 coated Ordinance Optics Inc Hollywood, California 010 Japan. OSC (E.C.Dorsch Jr.) George
  13. I’d just like to point out, that many of the so called Neocons today, had democratic or socialist roots once! It seems to me that many Americans would like the Democrats to be a bit more conservative and the Republicans to be a bit more liberal but such a profile would not survive an election because the campaign only offers black or white. George
  14. Robert, just as some info on the side From the auction catalogue November 20, 2004 www.txrealestateauctions.com LOT 121 3126 Harlandale Ave. Dallas TX 75216 MAPSCO 55-J 3 bed 1 bath SFH 1176 sq.ft. Currently rented @ $480 per month PRICE GUIDE $33-36K CONTACT: Iain Day (972) 739-5202 George
  15. A fox may steal your hens, Sir, A whore your health and pence, Sir, Your daughter rob your chest, Sir, Your wife may steal your rest, Sir, A thief your goods and plate. But this is all but picking, With rest, pence, chest and chicken; If ever was decreed, Sir, If lawyer’s hand is fee’d, Sir, He steals your whole estate. [sic] John Gay(The Beggar’s Opera) Or one even more appropriate: Lawyers spend a great deal of their time shovelling smoke. (Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.)
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