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Jack Zangetty

Tim Gratz

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I found this on the Internet (in an article on "mysterious deaths").

On December 8, 1963 the body of Jack Zangetty was found floating in an Oklahoma lake with bullet holes in his chest, and he had been dead for about two weeks. After the assassination Zangetty, the manager of a modular motel complex near Lake Lugert, Oklahoma, had remarked to some friends that “Three other men, not Oswald, killed the President.” He had also stated that “A man named Ruby will kill Oswald tomorrow and in a few days a member of the Frank Sinatra family will be kidnapped just to take some of the attention away from the assassination.”

Does anyone know the original source of this story and whether it is credible?

TIM, I got Mr. Zangretti, spelled with an R, down in my TOP 20 list of related, unsolved homicides, and the Lake Lugert, in Texas, but I recall him being in Oklamhoma. These are not mysterious deaths, but certifiable murders, with no statute of limitations. I don't recall my source, but will check it out.

B. Kelly

RELATED UNSOLVED HOMICIDES – And their Jurisdictions. Human Hearts.

1)Henry Marshall – June 3, 1961 – Franklin, Texas. Gassed with Carbon Monixide then shot seven times with rifle.

2)John F. Kennedy – November 22, 1963 – Dallas, Texas. Shot in head by sniper(s).UNSUB#1 & UNSUB#2.

3)J.D. Tippit – November 22, 1963 – Dallas, Texas. Dallas policeman shot by pedestrian. UNSUB #3.

4)Lee Harvey Oswald – November 24, 1963 – Dallas, Texas. Suspect shot by JACK RUBY in police custody.

5)Karyn Kupcient – November 26, 1963 – Los Angeles, California. Strangled in apartment. UNSUB #4.

6)Jack Zangretti – December, 1963 – Lake Lugert, Chicago mobster shot by UNSUB #5 in gangland style.

7)Jim Koethe – September 21, 1964 – Dallas, Texas. Reporter assaulted in apartment by UNSUB #6.(Same MO as 4)

8)Mary Pinocot Meyer – October 12, 1964 – Georgetown Canal, Washington D.C. Assaulted by UNSUB #7.

9)Elidio Delvalle – February, 1967 – Miami, Florida. Murdered in automobile on streetcorne by UNSUB #8.

10)Martin Luther King, Jr. – 1968 – Memphis, Tenn. Shot by sniper UNSUB #9

11)Robert F. Kennedy – June, 1968 – Los Angeles, California. Shot by handgun UNSUB #10 with Sirhan B. Sirhan.

12)Salvadore Allende – September 11, 1972 – Santiago, Chile. Assassinated during military coup.

13)Charles Horman – September, 1972 – Santiago, Chile. Murdered by assassination squad of Augusta Pinochet.

14)Jose Dela Torriente – April 12, 1974 – Florida. Former Collins Radio Cuban, shot by sniper UNSUB #11

15)Dave Yaras – 1974 – Chicago. Mobster murdered gangland style. UNSUB #12

16)Charles Nicoletti – 1974 – Chicago. Murdered gangland style. UNSUB #13

17)Sam Giancana – 1975 – Chicago. Murdered gangland style. UNSUB #14

18)John Roselli – July, 1976 – Florida. Shot on boat, chopped and deep sixed in oil can. UNSUB #15

19)Orlando Letelier/Ronnie Moffitt – September, 1976. Dupont Circle, Washington D.C. Double bombing victims.

20)Navy Lt. Pitzer. Bethesda, Maryland. Suspicious death, considered murder. UNSUB #16

“I met Murder on the way –

He had a mask like Castlereagh:

Very smooth he looked, yet grim;

Seven bloodhounds followed him.

All were fat; and well they might

Be in admirable plight,

For one by one, and two by two,

He tossed them human hearts to chew.”

- The Masque of Anarchy. From: “Studies In Murder” by Edmund Lester Pearson.

Bill, please get the date right on Karyn Kupcinet. Few people do, including Penn Jones Jr. She was killed, according to police, on November 28, 1963 around 12:30 am, Thanksgiving. She was found on November 30, 1963 around 7:30 pm by actor Mark Goddard and his then wife, Marcia Rogers Goddard, daughter to Henry C. Rogers, talent agent and friend of Irv Kupcinet.

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