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Dan Lyndon

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I've found that the only hardware I feel at home with is the hardware I buy myself or can take home with me so that I can make my mistakes in the privacy of my own domestic surroundings. I can't get an interactive whiteboard into my Nissan Micra.

The one thing that you have not mentioned is the importance of the software. I do all of the planning and writing of my material for my IW on my PC at home (I use Activstudio 2). So I can spend as much (or little) time as I choose getting to know the software. Sp long as the IW uses the same software package as me I can be in any room in my school and teach the same lesson.

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What does an "integrationist" do, Raymond? Is it to do with the adoption of new technology, or as the name implies, to do with the inclusion of students with special educational needs in mainstream schooling? I ask because I work in the latter field.

I am led to believe that it has to do with technology we are a private school that to this point has a policy of making no concessions for students with special educational needs.

For our institution it is a theoretical position and I would expect that it would only come with a theoretical pay raise as well.

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