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Biography: Pedro Reis

Pedro Reis

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My name is Pedro Reis and I live in Lisbon, Portugal. I have a degree in Biology and a PhD in Science Education. I teach Biology and Science Education in pre-service and in-service teacher education courses (for K-6 grades) at Superior School of Education in Santarém (a city near Lisbon). My tasks also involve coordinating the Science and Mathematics teachers’ course (teachers for the 5th and 6th grades) and the practicum for beginning teachers' professional development.

I work also as a teacher (Master programs) and as an educational researcher at the Faculty of Sciences - Lisbon University.

For some years I have been coordinating the Education Section of Portuguese Biologists Association.

I have experience in international projects: (1) “Spring Day in Europe” (Supported by the European Commission); (2) “PICTTE – Profiles in ICT for Teachers Education” from Socrates Programme (Financial Agreement nº 71135-CP-1-1999-PT-ODL-ODL); (3) “SciencEduc” (Supported by the European Commission); (4) “Science as Culture: Implications on Scientific Communication” (Cooperation programme between Portugal and Brazil); (5) “myEurope2005” (Supported by the European Commission); (6) "Third International Mathematics and Science Study" coordinated by Boston University; (7) “Cross-Curricular Competencies” from OECD.

During the last years I have been author or co-author of several projects related with ICT. Some examples: (1) the Portuguese webpage of "Spring Day in Europe 2005"


(2) BioQuest (http://nonio.eses.pt/bioquest/);

(3) Eu Sei! (http://nonio.eses.pt/asp/eusei/).

As a hobby, I enjoy swimming and scuba-diving. You can see more about my work and projects at my website:


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