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Just for Lynn--More Garrison Bashing

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Under the general assumption that Big Jim knew anything at all in regards to the power structure in New Orleans, as well as the life of LHO & Family, then we can operate under the following guidelines:

a. Big Jim should have known that Marguerite Oswald, as a young pretty girl of 17 or so, had worked for one of the top law firms in New Orleans.

And since her WC testimony references it, there is little difficulty in recognition of the name "Rosen", as in Charles Rosen, for whom Marguerite Oswald was employed.

b. In the event that Big Jim was not either continually drunk; on drugs; or suffering from the aftereffects of either and/or both, then he most assuredly would have known exactly who Mr. Charles Rosen was, as well as Mr. Rosen's multiple and close relationships to one Mr. Charles E. Dunbar, of the law firm of Phelps/Dunbar/Marks/Claverie & Simms.

c. Had our Big Jim even looked closely, he would have also found that our Mr. Charles Rosen was also the Registered Agent for the Dolly Shoe Company, and upon closer examination, there again is Marguerite Oswald, as well as LHO.

d. In addition to Mr. Rosen, Big Jim would have also found as the other "Registered Agent" for Dolly Shoe Company, one Felix H. Lapeyre (sometimes LaPeyre)

e. Upon closer examination of Mr. Felix H. Lapeyre, one would find that he was the "Registered Agent" for the "CONSERVATIVE POLITICAL ASSOCIATION", along with one Hubert Badeaux as the other Registered Agent.

f. Further examination of Mr. Hubert Badeaux would have revealed that he was the "Registered Agent" for "THE POLITICAL LEAGUE", along with one F. D. V. De La Barre.

g. Further examination of Mr. F. D. V. De La Barre would have revealed several items.

1. The De La Barre family and the Clavarie family became "one" with the marriage of members.

2. Mr. F. D. V. De La Barre had as his office, 710 (1710) Pere Marquette Bldg., New Orleans, LA.

h. Of which additional examination would have turned up David Ferrie, G. Wray Gill, etc; etc; just down the hallway at 707 (1707) Pere Marquette.

I. However, had they turned the other direction down the hallway to 507 (1507) Pere Marquette, then Big Jim could have found the illustrious "Clem" Sehrt, whose father as well as Clem, were members of the New Orlean Athletic Club along with John Pic, etc; as well as the other associations to Marguerite Oswald.

But then again, not being from New Orleans, and neither being a member of REX, or the Boston Club at where virtually all of these "important" persons hung out and associated, then it must be assumed that I know nothing in regards to the persons who were responsible for placing Big Jim in office.

And, neither am I an alumni of Tulane University, from where most of these persons received their Law Degree.

But I am neither blind nor stupid either!


"and you don't mess around with Jim"

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