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An Impassioned Plea

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Deliver Us From Ignorance

What America needs is an antidote for brainwashing

A massive dome of delusion has been constructed over heads!

Now we are slaves to the media, slaves to the government's "truth"

The monkey on our backs has a sack over our heads

We are totally blinded and conditioned to accept the government's version of "truth"

It is no longer our government, but a government run by the rich and powerful

Our military nothing more than a tool for global corporations

A weapon to keep the world "safe" for their material greed

Americans are decent, hard-working and law-abiding people

They have been goaded into hate and anger and misguided by gigantic lies

The government and media cultivate a lynch-mob mentality to foster war

Then pass off this frenzy as American support for its unlawful actions

War to protect the material interests of the rich and powerful

When demand for government accountability dies out we are at the mercy of tyrants

True Americans who abide wholeheartedly by the Constitution will demand truth

Phony "patriotic" Americans will blindly accept the government's lies

Jumping on a bandwagon of national arrogance

Leaving all of us vulnerable to the abuses of power

And the destruction of our Constitution!

God Bless America, she really needs your blessing badly!

"The rest is up to You"

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