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A message sent to me indicates that Carr's view from the buiding he was in makes nonsense of his witness statements. A study of photo's and maps support this.

So the obvious question is simply : Why would Carr say these things?

Further, he wears glasses and its the middle of the day. For those who don't wear glasses this needs to be explained. He's a steelworker and unless he had gotten his glasses pristine that day they would be bound to be less than ideal to see some of the things he claimed to see. (Such things as bullets hitting the grass.) Glasses get dirty and scratched and the dirt in the fine scuffs is hard to clean. Bright light, particularly on a windy hot humid dusty day fuzzes things out even more.

So, a lot about Carr doesn't make sense.

This should not be taken lightly as many theories and tangents depend on what he and others had to say...

Part of the 'smoke generator' or a dimwit? I doubt a dimwit would be working on top of a steel structure, so there is something to seeing him 'as part of the solution/problem'. Which is it?

{emphasis added by T. Graves]


OK, so Carr couldn't possibly have seen what he said he had seen. Maybe his assignment was just to implicate someone (thereby putting that "someone" and his colleagues "on notice")-- someone who wore eyeglasses with thick, dark-colored frames-- someone like Mac Wallace and/or Richard Cain. (And maybe they really were there even though Carr didn't see them (or a certain Rambler?).


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yeah. Sure. I did make the vastly unpopular statement early on in the thread that led to the ''unmasking of Carr. (A lot in Gladio is old news (Ditto RR Carr topic) but that was not idle speculation to sense a disquiet about RR Carr (which I got Bitch Slapped by Hemming for)) said comment being that the conspiracy may be more weird to people than they can cope with whereas it actually provides an avenue to a rather simple tale. This topic dates to dec 05.

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