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Entente Cordiale

John Simkin

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On April 8 1904, Britain and France signed a historic agreement heralding an end to centuries of bloody feuding. This week it becomes a 100 years old. The British newspaper, The Guardian and the French daily paper Libération, have joined forces to cover this event.


They have also published a collection of cartoons about the relationship between the two countries. I like this one by David Low called "Pushed Together" (1921).


I have also included Steve Bell's cartoon of Jean-Marie Le Pen (April, 2002)


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If you can read in french have a look to this article from Liberation

Jacques et Tony, histoire secrète d'un couple tumultueux


I just translate the beginning:

"Chirac and Blair admire each other then have some conflicts then they start reconciliation...Blair-Chirac relationship is the same that the one between our countries!"

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