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  1. As an history and geography teacher from France I have known Richard for four years. I met him twice at the IST, once for the E Help project. Everytime he received me as a special guest, very kindly and was always available. Thanks to him I improved my way of teaching in European Section (teaching H & Geography in English). What a surprise for me hearing, thanks to John, that Richard was sacked from the IST. If a teacher has to be respected for his high sense of probity THIS IS HIM. I'm with him, and if he needs any help for action I Will be there. More, I'm ever more surprise that Les
  2. Well, if I didn't know what I am, John's post wake me up... As a french teacher I can't agree less on what he wrote. I think that the state can do a lot (and not little). When the state is absent, only the well educated and the richest can go out of this hell. It is up to the citizens to improve the way of life by going to the polls and strikes (we had one yesterday on wages and employement). Who are the talented? Those who had an opportunity one day...free market can't do that. Education and equity (not equality) can do better. Impersonal taxes are necessary to have public services. I'm no
  3. Hi, I'm Jean Philippe Raud Dugal. I teach history and geography with english as a second language in France. It's so challenging to teach in what we call european section. I did many things (but everybody here did marvellous things too!) over the last 6 years. I was, together with John and Juan Carlos a member of the spring day team in 2002. I tried to create. many activities linked to what I read in this forum or in scholhistory and sln geography. I believe, like John, that sometimes the students have to become the teacher, like Richard, that students can create new things by themselve
  4. Teaching History (and geography) in english is a big challenge in France. Students are not used to talk in english and also not used to think by themselves. The system is sometimes narrow minded. I tried during the last six years to develop their ability to communicate in english through these two subjects: role plays of course Look at these two activities http://apella.ac-limoges.fr/lyc-perrier-tu...water/index.htm http://apella.ac-limoges.fr/lyc-perrier-tu...rs/judging1.htm Inspired by Richard's work on films this activity was a great challenge. http://apella.ac-limoges.fr/lyc-perrie
  5. C'est en effet quelque chose de très intéressant. Je le fais régulièrement et je crois que la Première Guerre Mondiale à travers les batailles (Verdun ou La Somme ne sont pas vues pareil par les natifs d'un pays à l'autre) et aussi comme l'a montré Mosse voire Antoine Prost sur les monuments aux morts commémorant ce conflit. Pour l'occupation en particulier si vous le souhaitez je peux tenter de vous aider si vous avez un projet de ce point de vue là. Je précise que j'ai des élèves qui sont en section européenne anglais et que la ville où j'enseigne est connue pour son massacre juste avant Ou
  6. That's such an issue in France. Does Le Pen shoul be allowed to speak... The man is racist obviously. He said some years ago that the gaz chambers were 'details' of History. He behave like a bulldog....You can add everything you want... But, his party is recognized. As far as the freedom of speach is concerned, some are saying that banning him, or trying to stop him speaking is not an option in our democracies. Some are considering that it is not enough and if justice can't do anything, they have to prevent our country against this threat... Ras Le Front, an anti-Le Pen association, is t
  7. Some more information, and a speech about the Marshall plan http://apella.ac-limoges.fr/lyc-perrier-tu.../cold/texts.htm Hope this may help Jean Philippe
  8. Try this website http://learningcurve.pro.gov.uk/coldwar/G3/default.htm Jean Philippe
  9. Integration/Exclusion...very hard to debate on that Rowena. Our country is based on a principle. The school system has been separated from the Church in 1905 (almost 100 years...) This is not about beliefs but a way of life we are talking about, about public sphere and not private. The French politicians (not only the gvt, and Laurent explained it very well) are struggling for this principle. An old one but which is the very basis, as far as I'm concerned, of our nation. That's why, for example, that we had some problems the Polish and Spanish gvts with a reference about religion in the E
  10. About 'Integrated Schools' I had a look to the website you gave. In 'Histroy' I read that: "There is segregation in housing, sport, the media and education. The reality of segregated education is that, in the main, Catholic and Protestant children do not meet each other. Catholic children attend Catholic schools and Protestant children attend state schools which are mainly Protestant. In Northern Ireland over 90% of all schools are either Catholic or Protestant in ethos and practice. We believe that, irrespective of shifts in power base or political compromise, unless the children in North
  11. I read recently the 'last Diaries' of Alan Clark and saw the role Murdoch played on the UK's political life seeing by a conservative MP. Then, I can understand what you're saying. But, why Murdoch can change his mind? Even if he did huge mistakes, Blair will surely win the general election (french Newspapers are sayind so all the time...) Jean Philippe
  12. Thanks John. If you want to open it to the students, mine are very concerned about this issue. They all worked on the events in Tulle 60 years ago. Some created plays, exhibitions, made interviews, etc etc...they could explain what they know to others and the others could explain what happened in their area. But we finish June 4th...perhaps too late...? Jean Philippe
  13. Thank you so much Graham for these precisions. I found somewhere some statistics about differences between Catholics and Protestants: unemployement, birth rate, vote rate etc etc I don't remember where...(if somebody knows....could be great ) I was thinking, seeing at these statistics, that the gap between the communities are in a way too important to fulfill... But, reading your post make me sligthly change my mind. I have to find some ressources for my students to avoid this vision of a total division between the communities. Perhpas a forum with students from Ulster? Jean Philippe
  14. Thanks very much for these explanations. Very interesting. Do you mean that young teachers prefer to work in the UK rather than teaching in places they are sent to? You said in a previous post that you taught in the UK. Did it happen to you? (or perhaps it was a personnel choice?) Jean Philippe
  15. Not at all Graham. Being French, every single testimony on Ulster is just great. What I now about Belfast today is related to the visit my wife did three years ago. She described the same thing for the city centre but not for the area around. Moreover, I worked also on spatial segregation today on Stephen Roulston website Geographyinaction Have a look at 'Ethnic diversity' and 'Urban Structure'. It is quite interesting. Cain also is such a great website. I read something about Peter Taylor's interview after his documentary on Ulster and his book 'The Provos'. He was (in 1999) very pessimi
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