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A colleague has asked me if I can help her find some information about teaching in Australia. Is there anyone on this forum who could help out? She is interested in teaching in Melbourne and wants to know what the history / social science curriculum there may include in terms of content. I know of the WA curriculum but wasn't sure if it would be the same in other states?

I'm assuming from her message that she is aware of the requirements for Visa's etc and can fill her in on these details myself if not.

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Address for Victorian curriculum standards is:


Victoria, like most of our states, does SOSE - Studies of Society and the Environment up to Yr 9 and 10 when History/Geography can be selected. SOSE is a mixture of the two and also incorporates environmental studies and issues such as drugs and conflict etc

All states of Australia have recently or are in the process of implementing various models of Outcomes Based Education. If you don't know much about this I suggest doing some Googling because it is causing great controversy at the moment and you probably need to know about it. Victoria ia probably the most conservative of the states when it comes to education and they have an exam system which is a little more like UK GCSEs than other states have.

WA is in the midst of the biggest educational controversy at the moment and this website may give you some insight. We do tend to be a bit inclined here to jump on bandwagons that have failed elsewhere but that's my personal opinion and probably not shared by any educational bureaucrats or uni dons who haunt these boards!!

Let me know if there's anything else you want to know - I have good connections with the Union Research Officers in each state who always know what's going on round the country.

Sorry, forgot to add website address


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